Thursday, January 21, 2010

2010 Has Been Crazy

That is why I haven't been around much in the last two weeks.

My kids got sick after we got home from Ohio and it made it's rounds skipping over me and Jacob {knock on wood}. It was a tiring, 3 days of puking starting with Sara and moving quickly to Kadie, Lexi, Adam and John.

My dog has become a pill lately too. He barks at me for EVERY. SINGLE. THING. He barks for food, he barks for water, he barks to go out, he barks to play and it's EVERY. FIVE. MINUTES. UGH it's super frustrating. The only time he doesn't bark is when he wants to come in. Nope, he sits quietly for a few minutes and when no one notices he jumps on the door. The worst part, he only barks at me... no one else. Just me. Like I needed one more person/thing vying for my attention.

And on top of these mundane annoyances... a friend of over 4 years has suddenly passed away leaving me with a heavy heart and loss of words. I never expected to feel this way. When I heard she was having complications from surgery I was worried but I never thought it would turn out like this. She was only 32yrs old and left behind a husband and four kids. Today her family will say their goodbyes and tomorrow they will lay her to rest. RIP Anna

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C. Beth said...

I guess the dog learned from the kids--the squeaky wheel gets the grease! I have an annoying dog too....

Hope you are doing better after Anna's passing. It hit a lot of us hard.