Thursday, July 22, 2010


Ever since I turned 18 and moved out of my parents' house, I have felt haunted. Actually, it was even before that.

When I was in junior high I had a couple of incidents with hauntings. My horror movie loving best friend was always around when these things occurred, so I blame her. She once showed me the ashes of her dog and as she was putting them away I felt something brush across my leg. It was fast, too. I remember turning around to see what it was and nothing was there. The cat wasn't around, the dog wasn't around and the iguana wasn't around. Of course, it couldn't have been the iguana because it was way too fast so there was only one solution... GHOST DOG! Another time, with that same friend, we saw a ghost floating down the street. It could have been a plastic bag but it wasn't windy and it disappeared just after passing the house (if I am remembering correctly). Needless to say, it was a little bit freaky.

Anyway, when I lived on my own for the first time I had a haunting experience. Nothing scary, and nothing blatantly ghostly but it was still weird. I had recently lost a child and I had just set her memory cabinet up in my new room just the way I had wanted it. I left my room for some time and when I went back, the baby blanket was spread out over my dresser instead of folded up nicely over the top of the curio cabinet. My roommates swear they were not in my room and I believe them. Why would they mess with something like that anyway?!

The next time I remember having an out of this world experience was after I had bought a touch lamp from Goodwill. It was a gorgeous lamp and I couldn't pass it up for only $2.50. I swear I brought home a spirit with it though. I would be sleeping and the lamp would turn on all by itself waking me up. Sometimes I would just be sitting there reading and the light would cycle through the settings before stopping back where I had it. I am no electrician, so I suppose it could have been a wiring issue or even a static issue but I am not convinced. I was sad to part with it when we moved but I also didn't want to take any spirits with us either.

When I was younger, I had liked the Child's Play movies but then I realized that they were NOT funny anymore when they came out with My Buddy and it looked too much like Chucky for my tastes. My siblings and cousins thought it would be funny to hang the doll from the top bunk one morning while I was sleeping and it scared the living daylights out of me. This fear of mine would come back to haunt me years later.

As I was sleeping in bed next to my husband with all three kids in my room I heard a strange noise coming from the other side of the house. I sat up and listened intently. It was one of the kids' dolls TALKING! I immediately woke my husband up and sent him to get the demon toy. He asked what to do with it and I told him it was going in the garbage... it was not staying in my house. Thankfully the next day was garbage day!

I don't recall having many (if any) haunting experiences while living in Georgia which seems pretty strange considering all the haunted tours that you can take there. It wasn't until we moved to Iowa that I started feeling haunted again. This time it is just random noises. My upstairs floor creaks when no one is up there and my bedroom ceiling fan makes noises in a rhythmic fashion as if someone were playing music. My husband thinks I am crazy but I swear I am not (at least not THAT crazy).

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

What Was That?

As a mom, most times we understand what our kids are saying but there are still times where we hear ourselves saying "WHAT?!" over and over again and still not realizing what the kids are saying. And then suddenly we understand and it is hilarious.

Adam, my 4 year old, for some reason cannot say oatmeal. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. it comes out as meatloaf. We have had meatloaf before and he knows what it is so for him to call oatmeal, meatloaf is just plain hilarious. Now, if I tell him to say "oatmeal" he will say it right but he calls it meatloaf so often that when the kids tell him to say oatmeal, he says meatloaf just to make them laugh.

Sara, my 3 year old, is even funnier. She actually talks better than Adam does and can pronounce stuff with a little coaching but the things she says just throw me for a loop all the time. She cannot say bubblegum... so it comes out as "buggledum" and it is too cute to correct. Remember the "bubblegum, bubblegum" song we would sing to figure out who was "it" yah, well, my kids do that all the time and you can just imagine how cute it sounds to hear, "Buggledum, buggledum, in a dish" coming from Miss Sara Bear.

This girl is also known for funny statements she comes up with. Just yesterday she told me that she could not wait to be "Big Sara" so she could have a baby and have big boobs like me. SHE. IS. THREE. This one scares me HAHAHA. And then as we were lying in bed, she noticed I had a little underarm stubble and says, "You not have that, that for dads." For being just three, this girl knows her do's and dont's. She just cracks me up.

All of my kids have had an issue with saying cookie... or anything that starts with K or a hard C. It always comes out as a T sound. This is normal! That hard C and K sound are just hard to get. The sound comes from the back of your mouth instead of the front so it is difficult to imitate. Ever since I can remember my in-laws and husband have tried correcting my kids and this is the first time it has made me laugh. Sara was trying to say "cookie" and it was coming out as "tookie." My husband and his parents were coaching her, telling her it was "cuh-cookie" and she could say it correctly. That would be fine and dandy if every time we walked into a store she didn't start shouting, "I want some cuh-cookies" over, and over, and over. She doesn't just say "cookies", it is "cuh-cookies" and it drives me a little batty LoL

I am sure there are more funnies coming from my kids but my poor mommy-brain will not let me recall anymore at the moment. What are some funny things/pronunciations your kids say?

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Decisions of an Army Wife

Being an Army wife is tough work but making decisions as an Army wife is even tougher. Most times we don't have much of a say. When we do, though, it is important to consider everything. All the pros, all the cons, all the negatives and the positives... Sometimes thinking about what others might think or say make those decisions even harder.

Our first PCS we were given a list of possible duty stations and were allowed to choose where we wanted to go. John left it up to me after narrowing it down to two. He wanted Ft. Carson, Colorado and he knew I did not. The other option was Ft. Stewart, Georgia... and if you know me, you know where I picked. Not sure why he let me choose, but I took the opportunity and ran with it. We spent almost four years down south.

This last PCS was much like the first. We were, again, given a list of possible duty stations and the choice was ours. We didn't have nearly as much time to discuss it as we had the first go around and this time we had about 5 options (a 6th option was Ft. Carson but they were deploying soon and that was not an option we were looking for).

Option 1: Ft. Huachuca, Arizona
Option 2: Indianapolis, Indiana (Recruiter Duty)
Option 3: Hawaii (Schoffield Barracks)
Option 4: Rock Island Arsenal, Illinois (Non-Deployable)
Option 5: Ft. Jackson, South Carolina

It was quite easy to narrow it down. There was no way I was moving to Arizona. I do not think I could handle the heat. Ft. Jackson was still in the south and I wanted out... plus, John didn't care much for the area and I didn't care much for the schools. John didn't really want recruiter duty so that left us with island duty Hawaii or a midwest tour.

Hawaii was a great opportunity. How often would that option come up, right? But I wasn't sure. I researched both areas and came up with a clear answer to my pressing dilemma. Hawaii was not right for us. Everyone thought I was nuts. Who in their right mind turns down Hawaii??? Well, I don't ever claim to be in my right mind, but my left mind knew better.

Yah, Hawaii sounds cool and EVERYONE would have come to visit us there {insert eye roll} but think about it. Be realistic and really think about it. Would YOU want to take 5 small children to Hawaii? To me, that did not sound like fun. Add that on top of the many other reasons for NOT going to Hawaii. The schools were not good enough for our standards, the cost of living is outrageous (our BAH wouldn't even cover a decent place for us to live) and our dog would have been quarantined. Also, the Army would only ship one of our vehicles, we would never be able to afford to come home for Christmas and even though everyone says they would visit, I don't want to only be visited because I live in Hawaii.

So while Hawaii sounds like the perfect place to be stationed on the Army's dime... it was not the place for our family. Those are the kinds of decisions and sacrifices Army wives have to make all the time. We have to think of our family, our children, our pets, our every day lives and make tough decisions based on those factors. It isn't just cut and dry. Hawaii may not ever come up again but that is ok because I know that I made the right decision... no matter how crazy it seems or how difficult it was.

And yes, the hubby let me have the choice again... and if we get a choice next year, I bet he puts the weight on my shoulders. Unless of course he gets the option to PCS to Ft. Carson because then he will gladly take it. Third times a charm, right?

Monday, July 19, 2010

Movie Review Monday

Recently, I had the urge to watch the Jaws movies so I scoured Netflix for them. I was in luck! They had all 4 of the movies. Did you know there was four?! And not only did they have them available... they had them available to watch instantly.

I watched the first one from my computer while I was in Ohio. The second I waited and watched at home via Netflix Wii with the kids and much to my surprise, they loved it. Next was either Jaws 3 or Jaws: The Revenge. I couldn't remember which I had seen and it turned out it was Jaws: The Revenge, so we went with that one first. I had heard that Jaws 3 was one of the most terrible movies of all time so I wasn't sure if I actually wanted to watch it or not. Yesterday, though, I broke down and watched it.

Jaws 3 was originally made to be in 3-D. I am guessing it just isn't the same without those special effects. The floating arm, the severed fish head and the exploding guts probably looked so much cooler popping out of the screen in your face. The plot of this third installment of the Jaws franchise was set in an Orlando theme park. Michael Brody was an employee of Sea World and his little brother Sean came down for a visit. All grown up now, the two brothers must face yet another shark attack when a baby shark is captured and mama shark is none too happy. The effects are terrible, there are so many parts that could not/would not happen, and the shark was as fake as it gets. Of the four movies, I would say this is the worst. That being said, it does not make the series any less appealing. Shark movies are all about the gore and the unrealistic plot, IMO. No one wants to think that these shark attacks would actually happen, so the more fiction the better. We know sharks are not vengeful and don't come back time and time again but still we watch because Jaws is just an epic movie. Gotta love the Brody family!

If you like Jaws and haven't seen this one, give it a try. It is very laughable but still another shark notch in the Brody boys' belts. Can't just skip over it.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Six Word Saturday

***Swimming without kids... oh sooooo nice***

Friday, July 16, 2010

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Cheater, Cheater

Once a cheater, always a cheater... that is what they say, isn't it? Well... it's true. I am a cheater and there isn't anything anyone can do about that.

I am quick, smooth and fly under the radar. No one suspects a thing. I seem like such a devoted person and you do not deserve to be lied to. What is there to say? I am not sorry... and it is probably gonna happen again.

And now that I have your attention... today's post will actually have been typed out a day late and then backdated. Such a cheater, I am.

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Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Why is it so hard for me to remember things? I am not talking your usual forgetfulness like "Did I close the garage before I left?" NO! I am talking about my kids' names! Which child is missing! MY WHOLE LIFE! My memories are few and far between and it is very frustrating.

My dr says there is nothing wrong with me but I am not convinced that this is just your old run of the mill mommy brain. Who goes through all the kids' names and sometimes the dog's before getting the right one?! I mean, yah eventually I will get it but should it take that long? I also don't remember conversations I have had, things that I have said just seconds before. It is annoying to say the least.

My memories of my life, my childhood, are so few... maybe one from every year. I never remember specifics, just bits and pieces thrown together to form some sort of memory. Sometimes I am not even sure if they are real memories. I have this one where someone tells me that my dad isn't my real dad but I have asked around and even to this day (at age 29) no one admits to that. My guess is that is one of those false memories... a dream of sorts, I guess.

Anyway, just frustrated with this thing I call mush. My brain does not work correctly these days and even simple words evade me. Am I alone? Should I just chalk it up to mommy brain or do you think it could be something more? I am probably just crazy and a bit of a hypochondriac but still... it worries me to be so forgetful. At least I haven't forgotten any kids anywhere!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Is Today Monday?

It sure as hell feels like it is. My kids have gone insane... insane I tell ya.

John left for work this morning being jealous of me sleeping in while the kids calmly git their own breakfast. Gotta love when the gallon of milk is only half full so one of the kids can make breakfast for the rest :)

That is when all hell broke loose. I swear something in their heads just clicks off when Daddy walks our the door because all of a sudden there was screaming, and fighting, and crying, and yelling, and a stampede coming up the stairs.

I don't even know what happened but apparently Jacob hit Kadie for kissing Sara, and then he was flinging a rubber band at all of them. Actually, not a rubber band, it was one of my ponytail holders that Sara had in her hair yesterday. And now, they are still at it.

The fighting will stop for a few minutes, but then something else will set someone off. "She isn't cleaning." or "He is helping Adam! Why can't he help me?" or "I wanna go for a walk, I'm hungry, Kadie won't let me help her!" That last one drives me crazy because it's when they don't even know what they want and they just keep changing their minds.

I even told them we were going to the bookstore and to get dressed but could they listen. Not a chance. It was as if I told them we were going to the doctor for a round of 8 shots so they were going to do anything to not go.

Adam lost TWO, yes TWO, outfits within a 5 minute time frame. HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN?! Where did they go? Did he eat them? And Sara... that girl just knows how to push all the right buttons and she has the cutest damn smile that it makes me want to slap her silly (luckily I have a little more restraint than that though). So yah, I am just going a bit nutso today and feeling a bit Monday-ish.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Game Over

Back to the grind of day to day life. Vacation is officially over. Daddy is back at work and mama is back to restraining herself from stringing the kids up by their toes.

John and I were not ready to come out of vacation mode. We could have stayed in Ohio forever! Too bad the in-laws wouldn't like supporting our family of 7 plus a dog. The kids were definitely ready to come home though. They were going a little kooky being out of their own elements. We had decided by a vote that we would stay an extra night. The only one that voted against the idea was Sara... our three year old... who said with a pouty lip, "I GO HOME!" We had a lot of fun though and while normally that would make a vacation fly by... it didn't. Our vacation seemed to go on forever.

We arrived on the 1st and stayed through the 10th. Our days were pretty much filled. We had a cookout at my mom's with tons of fun games and fireworks. John took the kids to a baseball game on the 4th followed by fireworks at my mom's friend's house (which were SPECTACULAR). Monday we went up to Detroit to pick up my friend and her kids who had just flown in from Georgia and had a nice dinner at the in-laws. Tuesday was our trip to Cedar Point and we had a blast. It was not even busy for a hot, summer day. We could have easily rode everything had we not had to take so much time with the kids. On Wednesday we went to the Toledo Zoo and saw the amazingly cute baby polar bear. I got some amazing shots that I will post on Friday when I finally resume my Fun Photo Friday segment. Thursday was another trip to the Detroit Airport... this time I was sending Lexi back with my friend and her kids. Friday was the day we were supposed to leave, but instead we went to the store to buy some beer and wait for John's brother and his wife to get in town. We had a fun night of drinking, frisbee cup and Trivial Pursuit (a family tradition when the 3 Whitehead brothers get together). Saturday we headed over to my dad's to visit with him for a bit before heading home. The kids were very well behaved for the majority of our vacation and that is always welcome. Just wish there was more we could have done while there... like visit with more family but time just was not on our side this time.

We plan to go back for a weekend in the fall... either Labor Day weekend, or the second weekend in October. Not sure yet... or maybe both, who knows. I know we still won't get to see everyone while we are there for just a weekend but know that we do miss all of you and wish we could get together way more often but such is my life!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Always Apologizing

It's the story of my life... I get caught up in life with 5 kids and forget about my life in blogger land. I know you all will forgive me because, well, who hasn't been there at some point or another. Every day life just seems to get in the way of my typing some times.

Right now we are spending a week or so in Toledo with family so I doubt I will have much time for posting but I promise when I get back home I will do better. We have been down 2 kids and have been keeping the other three busy with friends and crafts and when we get back we will be down 1 kid.

Our oldest is going to Georgia to spend 3 weeks with her best friend! She hasn't seen her in almost a year and they could not be more excited for this reunion. They are meeting us here in Ohio and we are going to Cedar Point and the Zoo and definitely taking them to Bob Evans. Can't wait!

But for now, you can enjoy reading my other blog posts that you may not have read before. Some good ones would include Sara's birth story, a soccer post, and a post that makes my blood boil reading it again.... among many others. So while I am off enjoying our vacation, I hope you find the time to enjoy some of my ranting and raving :)