Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Why is it so hard for me to remember things? I am not talking your usual forgetfulness like "Did I close the garage before I left?" NO! I am talking about my kids' names! Which child is missing! MY WHOLE LIFE! My memories are few and far between and it is very frustrating.

My dr says there is nothing wrong with me but I am not convinced that this is just your old run of the mill mommy brain. Who goes through all the kids' names and sometimes the dog's before getting the right one?! I mean, yah eventually I will get it but should it take that long? I also don't remember conversations I have had, things that I have said just seconds before. It is annoying to say the least.

My memories of my life, my childhood, are so few... maybe one from every year. I never remember specifics, just bits and pieces thrown together to form some sort of memory. Sometimes I am not even sure if they are real memories. I have this one where someone tells me that my dad isn't my real dad but I have asked around and even to this day (at age 29) no one admits to that. My guess is that is one of those false memories... a dream of sorts, I guess.

Anyway, just frustrated with this thing I call mush. My brain does not work correctly these days and even simple words evade me. Am I alone? Should I just chalk it up to mommy brain or do you think it could be something more? I am probably just crazy and a bit of a hypochondriac but still... it worries me to be so forgetful. At least I haven't forgotten any kids anywhere!


Jamie said...

I don't know if it will make you feel any better Miss Bri, but my mom has not called me by the right name for as long as I can remember.... I used to be Dori (my sister) all the time... and as the number of grandchildren and pets grew, so did the length of time before she can figure out who she's talking to or asking something of. Try not to stress too much babe!

Tiffany said...

I can't remember if you told me you were on any meds right now or not but if you are do a google search to see if it could cause any short term memory issues. A LOT of meds can cause that and if so they could switch your stuff.

If your not on meds ignore the above and I can't help you figure it out sorry. Maybe the kids and military life have fried out some of your brain. Sorry hun!

Bri said...

Thanks Jamie & Tiffany!

I have always had a terrible memory but it has seemed to get worse lately. I did a search for the med I am on and one of the side effects is "memory loss" so I am not sure if that means major memory loss like amnesia type, or something like I am considering. I suppose it couldn't hurt to talk to my new doctor since my old one prescribed me this.