Saturday, July 3, 2010

Always Apologizing

It's the story of my life... I get caught up in life with 5 kids and forget about my life in blogger land. I know you all will forgive me because, well, who hasn't been there at some point or another. Every day life just seems to get in the way of my typing some times.

Right now we are spending a week or so in Toledo with family so I doubt I will have much time for posting but I promise when I get back home I will do better. We have been down 2 kids and have been keeping the other three busy with friends and crafts and when we get back we will be down 1 kid.

Our oldest is going to Georgia to spend 3 weeks with her best friend! She hasn't seen her in almost a year and they could not be more excited for this reunion. They are meeting us here in Ohio and we are going to Cedar Point and the Zoo and definitely taking them to Bob Evans. Can't wait!

But for now, you can enjoy reading my other blog posts that you may not have read before. Some good ones would include Sara's birth story, a soccer post, and a post that makes my blood boil reading it again.... among many others. So while I am off enjoying our vacation, I hope you find the time to enjoy some of my ranting and raving :)

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