Sunday, April 26, 2009

Serial Killers, Bankrobbers and Hit & Run Drivers

Most of the time the serial killer blames their sick need on their parents. Maybe there are little things the parents did that when pieced together made this person who they are but I don't really ever think it is the parents fault. Everyone knows what is right and what is wrong, but they can't get past the thrill it gives them.

Take bankrobbers for example. They know it is wrong to steal money, yet they do it anyway. Some for the thrill, some because they need the cash. It is understandable. It may not be right, but we understand why they feel they have to do it.

However, I do not understand hit and run drivers. I'm not talking some jackoff that is running from the cops or one of the aforementioned bankrobbers. I'm talking about run of the mill, every day, going out to get ice cream for my mom type people. How can they get into an accident and just drive off?! Do we blame the parents for not teaching them right from wrong? Do we pretend to understand that they were concerned with the financial aspect? No, there is no excuse for hitting someone else's car and just taking off.

I don't care if you don't have insurance. I don't care if your mommy and daddy might get mad at you for denting their BMW. I don't care if you have a perfect driving record that you don't want to smudge. I don't care what is going on in that pea-sized brain of yours... you stop your car and you make sure everyone else is ok. And if you know they aren't then you call 911, you take responsibility for your actions. You don't turn your car around, go back home and take a nap. Then two days later after learning that you killed 5 people you tell your mom and grandma only for them to hide your car and fix it, hoping to protect a 22 year old from going to jail. Who does that?! Who is so wrapped up in themselves that they (girl, mom and grandma) hide the fact that you are responsible for 5 deaths... 3 of which were under the age of 10!

I'm sorry... but if I was your mom your ass would have been down at the police station turning yourself in the second I found out. The police should not have had to track you down through a tip from a neighbor, especially with an elementary principal for a mom and a military man for a dad. You rank right up there in selfishness with serial killers and bankrobbers. The only difference is yours was an accident. Sometimes people don't even press charges when an accident kills another family member, but now you are looking at vehicular homicide. Good luck with that. You truly sicken me.

*for the story that made my blood boil, click here.

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Tiffany said...

Um wow - there are special places in Hell for people like that or at least I hope there are. I'm not just talking about the driver but I'm also talking about her mother and grandmother. Those two women above all else should have had some kind of idea of what the families of those victims could be going through, having been parents themselves, so thats just wrong.