Thursday, April 23, 2009

Christmas Shopping Has Begun

Laugh at me if you will... but I love, love, love Christmas shopping. The joy it brings me to know I picked the perfect gift and got it at a bargain. I also love the looks and remarks I get when my shopping is done well before Thanksgiving LoL Be jealous, be very jealous.

I have promised myself to not go overboard this year. I will be spending a bit more than I would like but the end result will be worth it. The two oldest will be getting their very own laptops. The babies are getting portable CD players and Kadie is getting a digital camera... although that is still up in the air. Lexi would like a new camera because Kadie broke hers and has basically taken it over, but Lexi is already getting the laptop. Kadie also wants an Ipod. I would love to get her one with a screen and be able to put the songs on my itunes on her ipod but does she really need a $150 ipod when her $5 mp3 player gets the job done (just not nearly as easily)? Other than that they will probably get a movie, a book, a cd, and the usual toothbrushes and some clothes.

I will refrain from buying them 10 outfits, 6 books and 43 movies. I will not make my kids think they have to get 112 presents to have a good Christmas. I must say that my kids aren't excessively present oriented even when I do go overboard. They appreciate what they get even if they didn't get the movie they wanted or the toy they desired. Because really, it is the thought that counts and something is better than nothing.

Now to figure out what I want and what to get the hubby (I have some ideas, but we will see if they pan out - or can wait that long LoL)


C. Beth said...

I am definitely impressed! You finish your shopping before I start mine!

Anna said...

this year will be a "cheapo" Christmas for us, so every kid will get 1 "bigger" thing (not so big) and a few small things...but that's it. I'll start thinking about it this summer, since once the baby comes I don't see me going to stores to shop much.

Tiffany said...

LOL I know what you mean - well about the buying early part anyway - I usually start pretty early as well. It makes it easier when you have a ton of people to buy for. If you want to get Kadie an Ipod look on Apples website for the refurbished ones! They come from Apple and are checked over and do have the same warrenty for WAY less money. Just a thought!

I think you want to come visit tiffany LOL. Ask for a maid or a nanny - thats what I want this year!! HAHA