Thursday, April 30, 2009

Potty Training Boot Camp: Day One, Hour Twelve

We made it through an entire day... well the waking hours, that is. Sara is now in bed and I am happy to be done for now.

She went through a total of 7 pairs of underwear and one pair of pajama shorts. I gave up on the underwear after I realized she wouldn't pee on the floor, but she would start to pee in her undies. After the first two hours of "Pee! Pee!" every 30 seconds, I started to get frustrated. She was saying it, sitting for 10 seconds and not going, then getting up only to repeat the process after I got her back at the table to finish her breakfast (which she never did). I decided that since she wasn't actually going to go I would ignore her for a minute while I was reading the "program" which turned out to be a mistake. Oops. She started to pee on the floor. I ran her back to the bathroom and that is when I had the ingenious idea of bringing the potty chair out here. So much easier. She could just plop down any time she had to go and I didn't have to keep ushering her into the bathroom.

She sat on that potty at least 55 times today. I can't say she doesn't like it LoL As far as successes go... we had 1 poop and 6 pees. Woohoo!!! I think that is very good for the first day. And she only peed on the floor 5 times. And mostly just little drips that made it down her leg... no full blown accidents (except the last one). The last time was my fault. I was cleaning up from dinner and she wanted me to hold her. She had just taken a bath and sat on the potty before getting her pjs on. She never said she had to go potty so I was trying to ignore her incessant screaming. I finally look down and she steps back from the big puddle she made at our feet. That pretty much stopped her crying and made me feel bad for thinking she was just being a cranky toddler, as usual.

I would say that while today was stressful, it could have been WAY worse. I put her to bed in undies and I will wake her up when I get up tomorrow so she has no accidents. I was planning on running to the store tomorrow but I'm thinking we will wait until Daddy is home on Saturday. We did leave the house today for about 15 minutes and she did great! I pulled over once to let her try and go potty and know that if she has to go she can tell me and I will pull over. Tomorrow is going to be tricky. The kids have a soccer game and Daddy won't be here. Think anyone would frown on me setting up her potty chair on the sidelines?! No, she should be good. I will limit her liquids around 530 (the game is at 730) and try to get her to go before we leave, just in case. I will throw the potty chair in the trunk in case we need it but finding parking for a 730 game near the field is highly unlikely. I was also planning a yard sale for Saturday but since I'm a procrastinator and now tied up in Potty Training Bootcamp, we will just skip that.

This seems to be working... at least somewhat. If it takes more than 3 days I won't be upset... a little bummed, but not upset. Especially since the advice was found by browsing the internet, not something I paid for. And I really wasn't expecting these kinds of results at all. I really thought I would be more stressed with the accidents, not the constant urge for to pee!

Back tomorrow with Day Two!


Tiffany said...

You suck - Sorry - GOOD JOB SARABEAR!!!!!! I'm just jealous. I wish that Zilla was even interested in sitting on the potty - he could care less. I do plan to put some more attention to the training part when we get back from Disney though. He doesn't seem to like getting his underwear or clothes wet so i'm hoping that will help with the whole thing.

C. Beth said...

It sounds like she's really getting the hang of it!!