Friday, May 1, 2009

Potty Training Bootcamp: Day 2, Hour 6

Sara and I have been up since 7. I woke her up so I could get her to the potty and take a shower. Her undies were a little damp, but her bed wasn't. I think she just had some "leakage" overnight. Not like the full blown bed wetting that Kadie had... ON ME! But I digress...

I took her in the bathroom and sat her down on her potty chair. She wanted to get on the big potty so I let her. She didn't go. Oh well. I got the shower ready and told her to stay in the bathroom in case she had to go. I kept asking her while I showered and finally she just sat on the potty until I was done showering. She never went though. I think my bathroom distracts her. It is so small and the big potty is so inviting to flush, plus the bath toy basket is right next to her potty chair so that doesn't help.

I had her let the cat in while I was getting dressed and soon after the cat wanted to go back out so I told Sara to put her back out. She must have realized she had to pee as she was letting the cat out and she peed outside. I did the "Ewww. That's gross. Get on the potty!" routine but thought it was funny that she actually peed outside (and was glad I didn't have to clean anything up). I was kinda hoping the city lady that keeps hounding me about the yard "debris and weeds" would come and step in it but that is for a whole other post :)

I left her bottomless and got her a drink of milk and continually asked her if she had to potty. The kids keep asking her too and it is so cute to here her tell them no (because usually when I ask her she says yes). She has only sat on the potty about 7 times today. A big difference compared to yesterday. Around 11am she finally went on the potty for the first time today. She got so excited and was giving everyone high fives and hugs.

I've been keeping her naked because like I said yesterday, she seems to start to go in her underwear but not on the floor if she is naked. Right now she has undies and a dress on though because I was going to put her down for a nap. She is being uber cranky from getting up so early and if she doesn't get her way it is full out tantrums. I'm rethinking the nap though because she just had a cup of fruit and a juice box so she will probably have to pee again soon.

Anyway... today hasn't been as productive as yesterday but only one accident so far. I think both mama and Bear are going to be tired and cranky come tomorrow. Up early, no naps and lots of potty training. I am so going to need Sunday to recuperate!

P.S. I decided to risk the wet clothes and sheets for a couple of hours of sanity. She is so cranky and mama needs a break. My head feels like it's going to explode.

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