Saturday, May 2, 2009

Potty Training Bootcamp: Day 3, Novelty is Back

Sara woke up around 9 this morning but I didn't hear her. I heard a sneeze and figured she was just waking up and she was soaked. I changed her and her bedding and went about the morning. She has been in undies since, had two cups of watered down Gatorade and a yogurt for breakfast and has made 6 trips to the potty in the last two minutes.

It appears the novelty of going on the potty has returned, only she wants to go on the big potty. However, as I said the other day, she just will NOT go on the big potty. I tried having her face backwards to make her feel more stable but she just doesn't relax enough to go. Plus my bathroom seems to be distracting to her. Anyway, this is very annoying and I am getting frustrated. I know I shouldn't be... she is just learning, but I can't help it. She is being cranky, it's hot in the house, my 4yr old is being clingy and whiny, and Daddy is off at the Special Olympics and it is getting tiring jumping up every other second to run to the bathroom for her to turn around 3 seconds later and say she is done when she hasn't gone at all.

Today should be our last day of potty training but I am not so convinced. I didn't expect a miracle... had I paid for this, I would be upset, but I didn't. So no harm done, right?! If anything it has gotten her used to knowing when she has to go and to tell me when she feels it so that is a major step. I am worried about tomorrow though. We have a baseball game to go to and I am not running to the bathroom every 5 seconds for her. Is that selfish of me?! {Sigh} I am very proud of her but man, I am exhausted, frustrated and very impatient (which is why potty training everyone else was either done on their own or by daddy).

It's only 1030, so we have about 8 more hours for her to "get it" to fulfill the promise of the 3 day program. Hoping it works... but if not, that's ok too, she can be my baby for a little while longer :)

P.S. On trip number 6 to the big potty, I firmly insisted that she sit on her little potty right here next to me. Just as soon as she did she peed! Now, maybe she would have actually gone on the big potty but who knows. I'm just glad she actually went... now I can wait an hour or so before the every other second urges return {hopefully} LoL

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C. Beth said...

Sorry it hasn't ended up being a "miracle program!" But it really does sound like she's learning!