Thursday, May 21, 2009

Hear Our Prayers

I may not deserve to be heard... and I may not be any good at this... but that won't stop me from reaching out there and hoping to find a miracle.

Sarah is only 24 years old and she felt like her life could not be saved. Just last week she got her hair and nails done, she went out to dinner with a friend, and she talked about going back to work next week. All in all, she seemed like she was on the track to helping herself. If she wanted help from her family and friends, that was the first step.

Now here I sit today, thinking back on all the mean things I said. And even today thinking about how terrible of a friend I have been while she is going through her own hell. She is my friend. So much alike, we were like sisters. We even fought like we were but at the end of the day... we were still friends.

My friend, my sister, is now in a coma. Her brain has stopped functioning and her heart is slowing down. She cannot breathe on her own and her parents should not have to be thinking about making such a heartbreaking decision. She had her entire life ahead of her... she never got married, she never had children although she had plenty of love from mine and the children she nannied. She had friends that held her hair when she puked and gave her a kick in the ass when she needed it. She had family that would do anything for her at the drop of a hat. She was loved.

Only you can save her now. I am trusting in the power of prayer to get her through this. We need a miracle.


Tiffany said...

Oh Bri I'm so sorry. I have been and will continue to Pray for her & her family.

Oh and sweetie I really hope that you don't truely believe that you don't deserve to be heard - God wants to hear everyones Prayers including yours. Sometimes his answers aren't what we want but he still listens.

Christina said...

Oh man! I am so sorry! I am definitely thinking of you all and sending good wishes. What happened??

Lia Pearson said...

aww Bri I'm so sorry :(
I don't know what happened but I'll be thinking of you and your friend!

Becky said...

I'm so sorry! I will say a prayer for a miracle for your friend. That is so sad.

C. Beth said...

I'm so, so sorry, Bri. I'll pray for her family and for you and the rest of her friends.