Friday, May 1, 2009

Fun Photo Friday - Easter in May?!

Ok, so I never posted Easter pictures... I don't think. I better go back and check before I post this, huh? LoL So here they are now!

The Easter Bunny Did GOOD!

Buckeye checking out his goodies (or eyeing me evily?)

Sara had to open every last piece of her candy :)

Jacob LOVES Star Wars!

Sara found an egg!

Daddy had to show Adam where this one was...

Lexi needed mom's help with this one

Kadie found the last one for Sara

Candy time!

Breakfast was bunny shaped chocolate chip pancakes and corn fritters! Yumm!


Tiffany said...

yum why can't you be my mom LOL

Bri said...

Oddly enough, I get asked that often LoL