Saturday, May 16, 2009


coming! I am so sorry I did not post sooner. Yesterday was a crazy day and Thursday I was stressed out because a woman was supposed to come look at my house this morning. She didn't show but my house got a much needed cleaning. My bedroom hasn't been this clean in months... about 10 if we are counting :)

The winning comment goes to.... {drum roll}

SANDI! With a last minute comment for my unwanted stuff, she has won! What has she won, Bob? Stay tuned to find out!

But wait... what's that? Oh, only 5 other people commented... I think I have 5 more things I could part with. Who wants free stuff? That's right...

Tiffany! Beth! Stacie! Anna! Windy! You have all won too!

Come back later to see what it is that each of them has won. I am going to go through my back room and pull out something that I think each of you would like. Suggestions are always helpful. Do you like reading? Do you like makeup? How about Borax? I've got tons of that. Throw something out there and I just might be able to find it.

Thanks for being loyal readers ladies!


Sandi said...

Whoo hoo! I never win anything! I already have a ton of Borax so that's off the list, lol! Thanks Bri.

stacief said...

Hi Bri,

I like books! Anything is good cuz if i dont like it i will pass it.

Thank you!!!

Anna said...

I'll take anything! be creative! LOL

Tiffany said...

Your the bomb bri but you already know that! hugs from podunk

Bri said...

Thanks Tiffany!

So we have makeup for Tiffany and Sandi, and a book for Stacie! Anna, I have just the thing for you!