Saturday, May 16, 2009

What Do They Win, Bob?

Well, Bri, everyone who reads your blog is a winner just for getting to know you and your amazing family through your writing. But the answer everyone is waiting for is, what prize have they won.

The winners can have their choice of a variety of items. A makeup gift bag (4), a book, or a CD. If none of those suit you feel free to say so. No one is going to twist your arm to take something you don't need or want. Bri is just glad to have you reading her rambling day in and day out.

The makeup bags include a variety of items but all include lipgloss. One bag is entirely made up of different shades of lipgloss. The book is called Stealing Faces by Michael Prescott and the CD is entitled Proud to be an American with a variety of Americana songs including Hero by Mariah Carey and the all too popular God Bless the USA by Lee Greenwood.

Sandi gets the first pick and then it will be first come, first served here at Such Is My Life.

Oh, one more thing. The winner of the followers drawing is...

Follower #3 SASHA! Want to know what she wins? A digital photo keychain!

Congratulations to all the winners! I will contact you for your snail mail addy or you can just email it to me at bridinkas112 [at] hotmail [dot] com


Sandi said...

Hey Bri, I'm a glutton for make-up so that would be my first pic :-). Thanks again!

Tiffany said...

Hey Bri - wow thanks I love winning stuff!! I think I would like one of the makeup bags - I need some new eyeshadow so if any of them have that I'd love it.

We had a good time at disney - when do you all leave savannah? I'm gonna miss you big time girlie.

Bri said...

Alrighty, so makeup for Tiffany and Sandi!

Glad you had a good time at Disney! Can't wait to see pics! We are leaving in roughly 6wks. Can't wait, but then again will miss it here. Maybe we will meet up at our next duty stations :)

C. Beth said...

Woo hoo, thanks! I'd totally take the makeup too! :)