Thursday, April 30, 2009

Potty Training Boot Camp: Day One, Hour Twelve

We made it through an entire day... well the waking hours, that is. Sara is now in bed and I am happy to be done for now.

She went through a total of 7 pairs of underwear and one pair of pajama shorts. I gave up on the underwear after I realized she wouldn't pee on the floor, but she would start to pee in her undies. After the first two hours of "Pee! Pee!" every 30 seconds, I started to get frustrated. She was saying it, sitting for 10 seconds and not going, then getting up only to repeat the process after I got her back at the table to finish her breakfast (which she never did). I decided that since she wasn't actually going to go I would ignore her for a minute while I was reading the "program" which turned out to be a mistake. Oops. She started to pee on the floor. I ran her back to the bathroom and that is when I had the ingenious idea of bringing the potty chair out here. So much easier. She could just plop down any time she had to go and I didn't have to keep ushering her into the bathroom.

She sat on that potty at least 55 times today. I can't say she doesn't like it LoL As far as successes go... we had 1 poop and 6 pees. Woohoo!!! I think that is very good for the first day. And she only peed on the floor 5 times. And mostly just little drips that made it down her leg... no full blown accidents (except the last one). The last time was my fault. I was cleaning up from dinner and she wanted me to hold her. She had just taken a bath and sat on the potty before getting her pjs on. She never said she had to go potty so I was trying to ignore her incessant screaming. I finally look down and she steps back from the big puddle she made at our feet. That pretty much stopped her crying and made me feel bad for thinking she was just being a cranky toddler, as usual.

I would say that while today was stressful, it could have been WAY worse. I put her to bed in undies and I will wake her up when I get up tomorrow so she has no accidents. I was planning on running to the store tomorrow but I'm thinking we will wait until Daddy is home on Saturday. We did leave the house today for about 15 minutes and she did great! I pulled over once to let her try and go potty and know that if she has to go she can tell me and I will pull over. Tomorrow is going to be tricky. The kids have a soccer game and Daddy won't be here. Think anyone would frown on me setting up her potty chair on the sidelines?! No, she should be good. I will limit her liquids around 530 (the game is at 730) and try to get her to go before we leave, just in case. I will throw the potty chair in the trunk in case we need it but finding parking for a 730 game near the field is highly unlikely. I was also planning a yard sale for Saturday but since I'm a procrastinator and now tied up in Potty Training Bootcamp, we will just skip that.

This seems to be working... at least somewhat. If it takes more than 3 days I won't be upset... a little bummed, but not upset. Especially since the advice was found by browsing the internet, not something I paid for. And I really wasn't expecting these kinds of results at all. I really thought I would be more stressed with the accidents, not the constant urge for to pee!

Back tomorrow with Day Two!

Potty Training Bootcamp: Day One, Hour Four

We are into hour four of our 3 day potty training bootcamp. Since her first major potty success she has not had anymore accidents. That's right, in the last two hours she has stayed bone dry. She is working on a cup of watered down koolaid as we speak and we hit another major milestone.

About 10 minutes ago she started acting funny. Saying she had to pee but I could tell it was different. She had to poop! She sat a few more times on the potty with nothing coming out but a fart. A few minutes later I could see she was really concerned and she sat herself on the potty. I went about my business on the computer while she sat there doing her thing. (I think I distract her when we I am basically on top of her waiting). She jumped up and did not look up... and sure enough, she had POOPED! A LOT! She wasn't sure whether to be happy or not but I did the same song and dance... lots of praise and hugs and kisses and this time we celebrated with a Dum-Dum Pop!

She is back to playing and wearing her big girl Dora panties (well, they are Kadie's. I haven't bought her any but if you could see our underwear basket, you would know that is NOT necessary LoL). Ok, I take that back... she had another pee accident in her undies right before her big poopie. No big deal. She will get it!

GO SARA!!! 30+ potty breaks and TWO major successes!!!

Potty Training Boot Camp: Day One, Hour Two

Out of the blue today I decided I was going to start potty training Sara. Every time I take her diaper off she says she has to go potty so she seems interested. I had heard of someone doing a 3 day potty training program and went on a search for it. I found one, posted on a message board and I am in the first 2 hours of day one.

So far we have had 3 accidents. Not too bad for day one of potty training, in my opinion. They haven't been full blown accidents either. Just little dribbles after she realizes she has to go. I have already learned that she knows when she has to go. She has already told me 23 times!!! And just so you know, 23 times in 90 minutes is INSANE!!! I swear she would tell me every 30 seconds that she had to go. I was getting really frustrated, I am not a patient person, with running to the bathroom all those times so I moved the potty chair next to the couch. After that she told me 3 more times that she had to go and after dribbling in her panties for the 3rd time, she finally sat long enough to let it out ON the potty!!!

Adam, Kadie and I went CRAZY! We even called Daddy to tell him (Sara left him a message). We high fived, we hugged, we smiled, we cheered, we celebrated with a pink bunny peep! I was a super proud mommy (still am)! For a kid that would NOT pee at ALL on the potty, I was shocked that she did within an hour and a half. She really does not like the feeling of having to pee and knowing it will run down her leg if she doesn't get to the potty.

The method says to stick with undies, lots of drinks and lots of "do you have to go potty?" I haven't had to ask her since she keeps telling me, and she always wants a drink so that is easy. If you are committed to potty training and can keep it consistent then give it a try. No more diapers and three days of mommy & baby time... who can resist?!

Now let's just hope that this actually works and we can be diaper free by the time Daddy gets home on Saturday!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Movie Review Monday - What have I watched?

I am sitting here racking my brain trying to figure out what I have watched lately and sadly... not much. I have listened here and there to Dora and Wall-E and Barbie in Swan Lake but I don't think I have sat and watched movies.

I finished Bones Season 1 and Season 2. John finished Lost Seasons 1, 2 and 3. I then took it upon myself to order the next in both series so we could continue to watch. However, John says I am not allowed to watch season 3 of Bones because he hasn't seen it yet... hmmph.

There is one movie I have watched that I don't think I have reviewed...

The Perfect Storm: Based on a true story of a determined fisherman (George Clooney) and his crew that set out into the Atlantic Ocean only to run smack dab into the middle of two hurricanes that are colliding. I have had the movie on VHS for years now and had yet to watch it, so I pulled it out one night and put it in the DVD/VCR combo. Jacob sat and watched with me, getting scared with the intensity of the storm (he doesn't like rain/thunder/lightning). It was a great movie... very moving and even though you know the outcome, you still cross your fingers and hope with all your might that things turn out alright in the end. I realized that we lived in Massachusetts during that time so I was directly involved with that storm. We were significantly inland but I do remember really high winds and sitting in our basement riding out the hurricane. If you like a good "disaster" movie, then this is a good one to watch... even though it really happened, it doesn't make it one of those movies that you just can't watch (like Amityville Horror... did you know that is a true story?! Could you imagine if Child's Play was a true story? OMG I would die and never allow a doll in this house. World Trade Center is one of those that I can watch and still hope for a happy ending but I know there are a lot of people that couldn't.) Ok, so I digress... check it out if you haven't seen it yet. :)

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Serial Killers, Bankrobbers and Hit & Run Drivers

Most of the time the serial killer blames their sick need on their parents. Maybe there are little things the parents did that when pieced together made this person who they are but I don't really ever think it is the parents fault. Everyone knows what is right and what is wrong, but they can't get past the thrill it gives them.

Take bankrobbers for example. They know it is wrong to steal money, yet they do it anyway. Some for the thrill, some because they need the cash. It is understandable. It may not be right, but we understand why they feel they have to do it.

However, I do not understand hit and run drivers. I'm not talking some jackoff that is running from the cops or one of the aforementioned bankrobbers. I'm talking about run of the mill, every day, going out to get ice cream for my mom type people. How can they get into an accident and just drive off?! Do we blame the parents for not teaching them right from wrong? Do we pretend to understand that they were concerned with the financial aspect? No, there is no excuse for hitting someone else's car and just taking off.

I don't care if you don't have insurance. I don't care if your mommy and daddy might get mad at you for denting their BMW. I don't care if you have a perfect driving record that you don't want to smudge. I don't care what is going on in that pea-sized brain of yours... you stop your car and you make sure everyone else is ok. And if you know they aren't then you call 911, you take responsibility for your actions. You don't turn your car around, go back home and take a nap. Then two days later after learning that you killed 5 people you tell your mom and grandma only for them to hide your car and fix it, hoping to protect a 22 year old from going to jail. Who does that?! Who is so wrapped up in themselves that they (girl, mom and grandma) hide the fact that you are responsible for 5 deaths... 3 of which were under the age of 10!

I'm sorry... but if I was your mom your ass would have been down at the police station turning yourself in the second I found out. The police should not have had to track you down through a tip from a neighbor, especially with an elementary principal for a mom and a military man for a dad. You rank right up there in selfishness with serial killers and bankrobbers. The only difference is yours was an accident. Sometimes people don't even press charges when an accident kills another family member, but now you are looking at vehicular homicide. Good luck with that. You truly sicken me.

*for the story that made my blood boil, click here.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Fun Photo Friday - Manual Labor

I don't know what all the child labor laws are about. Manual labor builds character!!!


The kids were making me mad before leaving for their soccer game so I said, "Let's go get your butts kicked again." It was mean to say, yah, but seeing as every other game they have really gotten their butts kicked, it was almost certain to be true. I don't mean like 10 to 6 or 5 to 1... nope, like 10 to nothing, or sometimes even 12 to 1. They were getting stomped all over at every game and it was upsetting to watch and to know they felt like they were bad soccer players, when they aren't. We try to tell them it's all about the fun but come on, everyone hates to lose. Ok, not everyone... Kadie really, truly, just cares about playing a game whether she wins or loses. The girl comes in 12th place in Mario Kart, doesn't get mad and comes back for more, time and time again. She is the exception to the rule.

Anyway, back to the blog at hand. Tonight was a good night. It was their 3rd to last soccer game and you could tell the team was finally coming together. They were spreading out, they were passing, they were calling to their teammates and they put everything into it. AND THEY WON!!! It was a close game the whole 48 minutes but our kids showed some major soccer skills.

The score was 8-5, one of those 8pts was scored by the opposing team in the very last seconds of the game but the other 7 were dominated by just TWO players on our team. The only girls on the team, to boot. Lexi scored 3 goals!!! (That's called a "hat trick" in soccer lingo). She was amazing! She was opening herself up on the other end of the field and controlling the ball like a pro. Mariah, the other girl on the team, scored 2 goals leaving the other two points to be scored by two separate boys on the team (none of which was the coach's son... he usually steals the ball from a teammate and ends up scoring that one point in the blowout games).

They all played so well and I was very proud of each and every one of them (saving the most pride for the MVP)!!! And even though I haven't mentioned Jacob, he played extremely well too. That boy is an all around soccer player. His main area of dominance is defense but that boy can attack the ball with the best of them. He is fast and vicious. He shows no mercy.

Way to go, Green Waves! We knew you could do it! Way to learn how to work together and make it work for you!

P.S. No, I didn't get any pictures because even after John showed up just before half time with my camera I turned it down. I wasn't in a picture taking mood, just wanted to watch the game... but now I wish I would have had it out! There were some money shots of Lexi wide open and scoring. They would have been amazing!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Christmas Shopping Has Begun

Laugh at me if you will... but I love, love, love Christmas shopping. The joy it brings me to know I picked the perfect gift and got it at a bargain. I also love the looks and remarks I get when my shopping is done well before Thanksgiving LoL Be jealous, be very jealous.

I have promised myself to not go overboard this year. I will be spending a bit more than I would like but the end result will be worth it. The two oldest will be getting their very own laptops. The babies are getting portable CD players and Kadie is getting a digital camera... although that is still up in the air. Lexi would like a new camera because Kadie broke hers and has basically taken it over, but Lexi is already getting the laptop. Kadie also wants an Ipod. I would love to get her one with a screen and be able to put the songs on my itunes on her ipod but does she really need a $150 ipod when her $5 mp3 player gets the job done (just not nearly as easily)? Other than that they will probably get a movie, a book, a cd, and the usual toothbrushes and some clothes.

I will refrain from buying them 10 outfits, 6 books and 43 movies. I will not make my kids think they have to get 112 presents to have a good Christmas. I must say that my kids aren't excessively present oriented even when I do go overboard. They appreciate what they get even if they didn't get the movie they wanted or the toy they desired. Because really, it is the thought that counts and something is better than nothing.

Now to figure out what I want and what to get the hubby (I have some ideas, but we will see if they pan out - or can wait that long LoL)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Do You Write?

I have another blog, titled You're A Poet and Didn't Know It... have you read it? If not, go check it out. It pretty much sucks but it sucks more that no one actually reads it. I go over there to jot down little poems off the top of my head, or share ones my kids wrote. I have to post some more oldies but goodies too. I used to write ALL.THE.TIME. back in junior high and high school.

I'd also like for it to be a place for guest writers. Got a poem you want to share with the world (or me and my one follower LoL)? Or just want to help out a fellow blogger? Jot one down now, find one you wrote 10 years ago, or make it up as you go along and email it to me at bridinkas112 {at} hotmail {dot} com I would love to read your work and post it on my blog! It doesn't have to be great, it doesn't even have to make sense. Anything will make a great addition to my blog.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Blogging with Discipline

After reading about blogging with discipline over on C. Beth Blog, I have decided to give it a try. I know I am not always the best about getting on here blogging but if I want to keep (and gain) readers, then I better start throwing some stuff out there. Whether it's simply a story about my kids screaming until my head explodes or a story about the life and death of a family member, it will be here. I will keep up with my Movie Review Mondays and my Fun Photo Fridays and a Wednesday post as well. Right now, that is my commitment... my discipline, if you will. Three days a week that you can count on a new post. If I come on here more, yahoo!! If I come on here less, call me out on it. I may have a good excuse as to why I didn't post or it may be that I was just lazy because lord knows I am on this computer EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. It should be permanently attached to me, wouldn't that make things so much easier.

Anyway, just wanted to let you readers know that you can count on me to be posting regularly from now on. I mean, the button says I have to... can't upset the button!!! LoL

Sunday, April 19, 2009

A Baby Girl

One of my best friend's in the whole entire world welcomed a little baby girl into the world this evening. His wife's water broke sometime early this morning. And after a long day of laboring and feeling like the time would never come, it finally happened.

The proud first time parents are now snuggling with their baby girl, Evelyn Grace. She weighed in at 6lbs 11oz and she is beautiful. Such a doll baby. Makes me wish I was closer so I could go get my baby fix!

Congratulations Dennis & Michelle! I am so happy for you!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

10 Years Ago, Day 4

At 6:54am on April 16th, 1999 I gave birth to a stillborn daughter. Abrielle Lynne Lewis-Zeigler. She had her daddy's feet and her mommy's nose. She was tiny, only 10oz and barely 12in long. Not nearly the size she should have been. We held her, they took pictures of her, the chaplin came to talk to us. I wasn't much in the mood for talking, or listening for that matter. I was in my own little hell on earth. They took our angel to be autopsied and cremated. We would get her ashes in about a week.

I was discharged later that day. I didn't want to leave. I wanted to stay confined in that little room with the yellow rose taped to the door. It told everyone that I had experienced a loss so that no one came in to offer congratulations or ask to take my daughter's hospital picture. I didn't have to talk about it, I didn't have to face anyone that knew I was pregnant.

Going back to school was going to be harder than I thought. I would later find out there were rumors that I lied about my pregnancy and about the death of my child. Why anyone would think that about me was beyond me. I most definitely never acted that heartless.

This time of year is so hard for me. This week sneaks up and almost surprises me. I get lost in the day to day life I have with my husband and 5 kids that it seems like I have forgotten that I have another child. Of course I'm not going to go around telling people I have 6 children because that would require telling them this story. There are also people out there that don't think I deserve to say I have 6 children. But my daughter had a heartbeat, we saw her on the ultrasound, she was delivered and cremated. She has a death certificate. She is real, and she was taken from us.

We can sit here and ask ourselves why but there is no answer. No one could have done anything to change the outcome. It was inevitable. Our daughter's autopsy showed she had a heart defect and a coiled umbilical cord, like sausage links, and there was a placental deficiency. She was not getting the nutrients she needed to survive, hence her tiny size at 26wks. I will never be happy that she was taken to a better place, and I will never stop wondering what she would have looked like, how she would have sounded, or where I would be if she had survived. Those things are forever a part of me, just like her father.

Our engagement didn't last... we never got married but we still remain friends to this day. I will be thinking of him today, tomorrow and always. And I will love him forever for getting me through such a terrible time in our lives.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Let the Competition Begin!

The daily Whitehead Family Crying Competition was held early this morning. The children were able to compete in one of 5 categories which included The Longest, The Loudest, The Most Whiney, The Quietest and The Screechiest. It was a very close competition among all participants.

Coming in 1st place in the Longest category was Sara. Her wails turned to screams at one point but weren't enough to earn her the title in the Screechiest category.

The Loudest category ended in a tie between Kadie and Sara. Both girls made ears ring with their wails.

1st place in the Most Whiney category was won by none other than Kadie. Whining from the moment she got up, calming only long enough to give Sara the lead in the Longest category, and starting up again just as we got to her school.

With a late entry, Jacob took 1st place in the Quietest category. Why he was crying is a mystery but it was short lived and could faintly be heard over the two loudest.

Another late entry but taking the cake for the Screechiest was none other than Lexi. Nothing like a little brother to cause her to sound like a car making a sudden stop.

Adam did not take home any 1st place trophies but he does receive an honorable mention for getting louder only when Sara stopped crying because Mom was holding her.

Place your bets today for tomorrow's competetion!

10 Years Ago, Day 3

My sister woke me up early in the morning to tell me that my grandma had passed away. She always hated tax day. I remember being void of all emotion. I was frozen. There is only one person that could tell you how I looked, how I acted, how I reacted. He was the only one by my side through it all and he has probably blocked as much of that painful week as I have.

We had to be at the hospital at 10am. I don't remember driving there, or arriving, or getting situated. My memories of this day come in spurts. The nurses pumped me full of drugs on my doctor's orders. I'm guessing they used pitocin to start labor and the morphine they gave me pretty much knocked me out.

From what I remember I was in and out of consciousness. My aunt Kelly and my aunt Sherry (R.I.P.) came to visit me in the hospital. I am sure my mom came up at some point but she didn't stay long. My soon to be mother-in-law stayed the whole time, as did my fiance'. They both stayed by my side. We made room on the tiny bed for him and she pushed my hair back off my forehead, comforting me in my time of need. I had never felt more love in one room. Of this whole ordeal, that moment brings a smile to my face. Knowing that that was the kind of family I was going to marry into.

The day remains a blur and I slept most of the night thanks to the drugs.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

10 Years Ago, Day 2

The morning was quite normal... just like any other morning, except for the fact I had a doctor's appointment. We were promptly greeted by the best nurse and receptionist ever... Julie and Shelly (I think that was their names). Julie was the doctor's wife and both her and Shelly were just so nice and so peppy. They always made you feel welcomed, and like family.

We did the usual... weight, blood pressure, etc... then I was sent back to the exam room. It wasn't unusual to have to wait a good bit of time for Dr. Goodin. Just like his name says, he was good. He was happy and chatty and sincerely cared about you and your family. My aunt recommended him to me... he had delivered both her babies. He would end up being there for me for two more pregnancies, but only making it to deliver one.

My memories get fuzzy from here... I don't know how long we waited, or what we talked about, or even the mood in the room. I only assume it was a normal mood. We were getting ready to hear our daughter's heartbeat again and be sent on our way. The mood soon changed from normal to worried.

After the doctor measured my belly, he searched for the heartbeat. He couldn't find it. He was calm. I was pretending to be. He joked that she was probably just hiding, but to be on the safe side he would send me over for an ultrasound. It wasn't for another hour or so, so we had some time.

I don't remember talking much... I remember driving over to the Sylvania Ultrasound clinic but not wanting to stop. I hadn't eaten all day and thought I was hungry. Turns out I was just procrastinating. I couldn't take but two bites of my chicken sandwich from Burger King. My almost daily craving.

My heart was heavy as we walked into the clinic. I felt like the only person in the room. We were immediately ushered back to the dark ultrasound room. I was scared. The table felt unusually cold as did the ultrasound tech. She went straight to business with the warm gel and ultrasound wand. She barely said two words to us the entire time. I know they aren't really supposed to but knowing that she was looking for no heartbeat, she could have been a little nicer. She rolled the wand over my belly and there appeared our little girl on the screen. She wasn't moving. There was no heartbeat. "It appears she has been dead about 10 days." she finally says. My head could not wrap itself around that information.

How could I not know? 10 days is a long time and being so far along, you would think I would have noticed a change in movements, or lack there-of. My mind backtracked 10 days... what happened 10 days ago? And it hit me... that was the day I had that mystery pain in my side. Maybe it was a coincidence, maybe it was a sign, or maybe it was my baby telling me she was in distress. The pain only lasted a few seconds as I reached for something then I brushed it off as a pulled/stretched muscle. I will never erase that day from my memory. Reaching from the bed to the floor to get a pair of pants... calling my fiance' but telling him not to come home from work, I would be fine. I was now in shock and would be for well over a week.

My doctor scheduled me to be induced the following day at 10am. I would have to deliver my stillborn daughter and I do not think that thought ever crossed my mind. I was still stuck 10 days in the past as we went about our day taking care of some things. We had to go to the school and let our teachers know what was going on. Mr. Gwin was a real jerk about the whole thing, making rude comments even after finding out we just lost our baby... our baby that was still inside me. I am surprised my fiance' didn't deck him... I know he wanted to.

That evening we went to the bowling alley where my mom and aunt bowled on Wednesday nights. The pizza there made me nauseous. I couldn't stand to look at all that grease. I don't even know why we were there. I think we were waiting before going to the hospital to see my grandma.

She didn't look like herself. She was pale, attached to multiple tubes and frail. I stood watching her from the doorway. I listened as my dad and my aunt and everyone else said their goodbyes. I just watched. She had been holding on for so long and seeing her for the first (and last) time in the hospital, I think is what she was waiting for. She also had a baby angel to wait for.

I didn't cry. There wasn't enough energy for that. I don't remember leaving the hospital. I don't remember sleeping... but I know I did.

Monday, April 13, 2009

10 Years Ago, Day 1

Today was a Tuesday... ten years ago.

I was 18 and about 26 weeks pregnant. The day was just like any other day. I went to school, anticipating my doctor's appointment I had scheduled for the next day. I went to choir practice, I had lunch with my fiance' in the school cafeteria and I was passing all my classes. My grandma was in the hospital... she was dying. We knew it would be any day that she would make her way to a better place. Other than that, life was going great. I was enjoying my pregnancy and couldn't wait to meet my daughter.

Tomorrow will be unlike any other.