Friday, April 24, 2009


The kids were making me mad before leaving for their soccer game so I said, "Let's go get your butts kicked again." It was mean to say, yah, but seeing as every other game they have really gotten their butts kicked, it was almost certain to be true. I don't mean like 10 to 6 or 5 to 1... nope, like 10 to nothing, or sometimes even 12 to 1. They were getting stomped all over at every game and it was upsetting to watch and to know they felt like they were bad soccer players, when they aren't. We try to tell them it's all about the fun but come on, everyone hates to lose. Ok, not everyone... Kadie really, truly, just cares about playing a game whether she wins or loses. The girl comes in 12th place in Mario Kart, doesn't get mad and comes back for more, time and time again. She is the exception to the rule.

Anyway, back to the blog at hand. Tonight was a good night. It was their 3rd to last soccer game and you could tell the team was finally coming together. They were spreading out, they were passing, they were calling to their teammates and they put everything into it. AND THEY WON!!! It was a close game the whole 48 minutes but our kids showed some major soccer skills.

The score was 8-5, one of those 8pts was scored by the opposing team in the very last seconds of the game but the other 7 were dominated by just TWO players on our team. The only girls on the team, to boot. Lexi scored 3 goals!!! (That's called a "hat trick" in soccer lingo). She was amazing! She was opening herself up on the other end of the field and controlling the ball like a pro. Mariah, the other girl on the team, scored 2 goals leaving the other two points to be scored by two separate boys on the team (none of which was the coach's son... he usually steals the ball from a teammate and ends up scoring that one point in the blowout games).

They all played so well and I was very proud of each and every one of them (saving the most pride for the MVP)!!! And even though I haven't mentioned Jacob, he played extremely well too. That boy is an all around soccer player. His main area of dominance is defense but that boy can attack the ball with the best of them. He is fast and vicious. He shows no mercy.

Way to go, Green Waves! We knew you could do it! Way to learn how to work together and make it work for you!

P.S. No, I didn't get any pictures because even after John showed up just before half time with my camera I turned it down. I wasn't in a picture taking mood, just wanted to watch the game... but now I wish I would have had it out! There were some money shots of Lexi wide open and scoring. They would have been amazing!

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Penz said...

how awesome is that. my kids do baseball and softball and they are right up there in the winning thing. they have both lost 2 games each this season and they were hard loses, by 1 point. Its good for kids to play sports and learn teamwork, and win and also lose. Way to go!