Thursday, April 30, 2009

Potty Training Bootcamp: Day One, Hour Four

We are into hour four of our 3 day potty training bootcamp. Since her first major potty success she has not had anymore accidents. That's right, in the last two hours she has stayed bone dry. She is working on a cup of watered down koolaid as we speak and we hit another major milestone.

About 10 minutes ago she started acting funny. Saying she had to pee but I could tell it was different. She had to poop! She sat a few more times on the potty with nothing coming out but a fart. A few minutes later I could see she was really concerned and she sat herself on the potty. I went about my business on the computer while she sat there doing her thing. (I think I distract her when we I am basically on top of her waiting). She jumped up and did not look up... and sure enough, she had POOPED! A LOT! She wasn't sure whether to be happy or not but I did the same song and dance... lots of praise and hugs and kisses and this time we celebrated with a Dum-Dum Pop!

She is back to playing and wearing her big girl Dora panties (well, they are Kadie's. I haven't bought her any but if you could see our underwear basket, you would know that is NOT necessary LoL). Ok, I take that back... she had another pee accident in her undies right before her big poopie. No big deal. She will get it!

GO SARA!!! 30+ potty breaks and TWO major successes!!!


C. Beth said...

As the mom of such a reluctant pooper, I think that is FANTASTIC!!!!!!! I am hoping Zoodle is as easy to train, poop especially. I really deserve it after what I've gone through with Chickie!

Anna said...

can you give me some details on this boot camp?
My other 2 were trained at daycare and I'm having a hard time with Chris.