Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Let the Competition Begin!

The daily Whitehead Family Crying Competition was held early this morning. The children were able to compete in one of 5 categories which included The Longest, The Loudest, The Most Whiney, The Quietest and The Screechiest. It was a very close competition among all participants.

Coming in 1st place in the Longest category was Sara. Her wails turned to screams at one point but weren't enough to earn her the title in the Screechiest category.

The Loudest category ended in a tie between Kadie and Sara. Both girls made ears ring with their wails.

1st place in the Most Whiney category was won by none other than Kadie. Whining from the moment she got up, calming only long enough to give Sara the lead in the Longest category, and starting up again just as we got to her school.

With a late entry, Jacob took 1st place in the Quietest category. Why he was crying is a mystery but it was short lived and could faintly be heard over the two loudest.

Another late entry but taking the cake for the Screechiest was none other than Lexi. Nothing like a little brother to cause her to sound like a car making a sudden stop.

Adam did not take home any 1st place trophies but he does receive an honorable mention for getting louder only when Sara stopped crying because Mom was holding her.

Place your bets today for tomorrow's competetion!


C. Beth said...

Uuuuugh. You are an angel. :)

Bri said...

Thanks Beth! I was so proud of myself for not losing it this morning... I just kept running the idea of a blog through my head to see the funny side of the headache that would later ensue LoL

Tiffany said...

You are SO much stronger than I girl!

LOL about thinking of it in terms of the blog!!! I do that whenever wyatt makes a mess so that I don't snap on him.