Monday, June 30, 2008

Movie Review Monday


My sorry ass didn't watch any movies last week. With John coming home in just FIVE days, I decided to wait on him to watch the current movies I have. I may have 1 review for you next week...

Look for reviews on Mr Brooks, P.S. I love you, and Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark in the next couple of weeks. I'm hoping to have them all watched within 2 MRMs (that's Movie Review Mondays for the acronym challenged... oh and NO, I have not seen any of the Indiana Jones movies but I figured I cant see the new one without seeing the first three).

Is this the world we live in?

What kind of world are we living in when a mom of a 21 yr old cannot embarrass the pants off of him with a naked baby picture on a cake?

You all know how you can go to the bakery and they can put any picture you want on a cake for you. Well not if it contains ANY nudity. Meaning, a cute little baby bum cannot be printed on a cake (unless you can do it yourself).

I was listening to the radio just now and this woman tried doing this for her son's 21st birthday. How awesome and embarrassing would that be? Makes me want to do it for my own kids... I'm gonna have to remember that (and learn how to do it myself, or just stick a 4x6 on the top of the cake LoL). The people at the bakery actually called the cops on her because the photo was considered pornographic... IT WAS A PICTURE OF HIS NAKEY BOOTY!!! Not a picture of his 21yr old penis.

Seriously people... was that necessary?

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Holy SEVEN days, Batman!

Is that really all that is left in this deployment? Seven measly little days? Holy crap! I cannot believe it. As homecoming gets closer and closer I find myself getting more anxious, excited, nervous, scared... all these strange feelings. Don't get me wrong, I'm excited to have my husband back home but with coming home comes so much work as well.

I'm nervous because I want the house to be perfect... I want the kids to look perfect. I have to figure out what I'm wearing and what time to get on post and make sure the house is better than ever. I know I shouldn't stress so much... he is coming home to see his wife and kids, not to see how clean I got the house. Still, it doesn't stop every wife from doing the exact same thing before her husband comes home from a year (or more) deployment.

I'm anxious because its STILL 7 MORE DAYS! Why cant it be TODAY, or YESTERDAY??? Or 6 months ago, for that matter. I wanted him home everyday for the last 14mths... there were times I was glad he wasn't here... no extra fighting. But then again, I wanted to fight with him, just so we could make up. Nothing better than being pissed off at each other and knowing he was right there to look at and say you're sorry. To kiss and make up... among other makeup rituals ;)

And I'm so completely excited because YAY! my husband is coming home! So soon! Some days it feels like he just left... others it feels like an eternity. I'm getting the kids' outfits put together and planning the meals for when he is home. It's all so very exciting. Exciting and scary.

I'm scared because if I thought things were rough now... just wait til he gets home. It's such an adjustment getting back into a two parent household. I'm used to doing things my way or the highway. There was no other adult to consult, I did not have to approve anything with him... I did it all myself for over 14mths. This was MY house, that is MY bed... and because he will be travelling to get out of Iraq. So many bad things happen on those drives... I just don't want this happy ending to come to an abrupt halt. For so many months he has gotten through it... now I worry.

We can't wait to have you home, baby!

Friday, June 27, 2008

That's Progress, Right?

Adam is 2 1/2 and really has no interest in potty training. I did get him to go on the potty earlier this week but the promise of two smarties just doesn't seem to cut it. He usually finds a corner to poop in... well, he can usually be found behind the foosball table... but today I actually heard his grunting coming from a different room...

He was in the bathroom! That's a step in the right direction... am I wrong? At least he was in the right room. Now if I could just get him to tell me when he has to go and actually sit on the potty longer than two seconds.

Fun Photo Friday

It's that time again! My, how these weeks are flying by! Just one more Fun Photo Friday and then I'm in a two parent household again. Woohoo!!

This week doesn't have a theme because I'm not quite sure what pics I'm posting... I would do a "Flashback" theme but the old computer with all my old pics on it is dead. Not sure what happened but the SOB just wouldn't turn on again after the last time it was shut down. Hopefully my wonderful husband can figure it out for me so I won't lose 4 yrs worth of pictures.

Anyways, here are some pics for your viewing pleasure...

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Southern Hospitality, My Ass

I have lived in the south for a total of 37 months now... that's over 3yrs and I have YET to see this southern charm and hospitality everyone seems to be talking about.

Maybe it's because we live in a military town... or maybe its the race factor... or maybe it's just because people could give two shits about anyone but themselves. I just don't get this general disregard for everyone else. What is this world coming to?

I'm tired of going into Walmart, or Target, or Kroger and having a (excuse my racist remark here) black girl serve me with NO smile, NO greeting, NO thank you, NO nothing... half the time they talk to someone else about "Girl, that boy is whack. We goin' out tonight. I don't even care." the entire time I'm checking out. WTH? What happened to actually serving the customer? I hate that I go into these places with my kids and get treated like a nobody. I mean, they could care less about their jobs and even less about the people coming through their checkout.

Heaven forbid I actually have a question for someone when I go into a store either... Lord knows they wont have a clue because like I stated before... they don't care about their jobs and they care even less about the people they are serving. It really grates my nerves. And it's not always the young and dumb either. You know postal workers arent very nice most of the time but you can usually get a "How are you?" with a smile... not these ladies at the post office. Half the time they say NOTHING! I literally mean, NOTHING. They take your packages, charge you, and take your money. They also look at my kids like they have three heads, but I get that everywhere LMAO

Then we just have generally rude folk. They walk out into the road without looking either direction, they bump into you without saying excuse me or sorry, they give you dirty looks because you actually said excuse me... or they don't give a rat's ass that their service was a disgrace and that you are upset. This is what actually inspired my blog.

I decided to hire a cleaning crew... a maid service... to come in and do some of the deep cleaning that I never get to. I wanted it to be done before John came home and I scheduled it for a couple days ago. They were very nice on the phone when I was looking for an estimate and setting up a time for them to come out here. I was really looking forward to it. I now realize I should have saved the money and done it myself.

They informed that two ladies would be coming to do a 7hr clean. They would arrive about 1130 on Tuesday morning. Great! I would get the kids out of the house for awhile and they would be leaving around dinner time. My house would sparkle when I got back and I would feel like a princess. WRONG! The ladies were here for 3 1/2 hrs for a total of 7 man hours. NO ONE told me this. My floors still had spots on them (they were damp mopped, not scrubbed), the mirrors were streaky, and the dining room table still had crap stuck on it. I had every intention of calling them to complain when they called me to see if I was satisfied with the clean. I was NOT! I told him that the ladies were only here 3 1/2 hrs when he informed me that that was a 7hr clean. I told him that no one had informed me of this, to which he replied, "Usually we do." So what did this mean for me? I was screwed basically. I said, "So I'm being charged $270..." he interrupts with, "$276"... "$276 for them to practically do nothing and leave my mirrors and table still dirty." He said, "Yah." I was LIVID! I was practically in tears at this point. I said, "So you mean your 24hr guarantee is just bullshit then?" He wasn't going to offer to send someone out, I had to actually bring up the guarantee or he would have been ok leaving my upset and dissatisfied. He told me he could send someone out to clean what I was unhappy with but I declined. Id rather them not come back... Ill just inform everyone that I know not to go with MaidPro in the Savannah area. They are rude and inefficient. Two ladies worked for 3 1/2 hrs and this is what they did...

*Vacuumed Den
*Vacuumed 4brms
*Washed dishes (mostly pans)
*Cleaned countertops
*Damp mopped 3 rooms and hallways (some spots still on floors)
*Washed 3 mirrors
*Made two beds (two were already made)
*Dusted shelves in my room and the top of the entertainment center
*Cleaned 2 toilets, 2 bathtubs, and 2 bathroom sinks
*Washed dining room table (left stuff stuck to the table and didn't clean the chairs)

They did not dust any knick-knacks or photo frames, wipe down walls or baseboards, or pick anything up... I had everything picked up before they got here so they could focus on the deep cleaning. I should have saved my husband's hard earned money and did the cleaning myself... I could have even got a couple friends to do it cheaper or even for free and done a better job.

Now Ive got an old man looking at my washing machine. He is 100% southern... deep accent and all. He fixed my refrigerator when it was leaking but it doesn't sound like he is making too much headway on my washing machine. He has been here almost an hour already. Not sure how much he is costing me but he was charging me $45 to look at my fridge (whether he fixed it or not) so I'm really hoping he can fix this or I'm out a good chunk of change and have to buy a new washing machine. He isn't the sharpest crayon in the box though and that worries me... he is a stubborn, if-I-cant-fix-it-no-one-can, old man... please let him being able to fix it, and for cheap!

P.S. No such luck with the washing machine. The transmission is stuck/broke/whatever. He says the warranty on the transmission is 5yrs so I need to call Whirlpool to get them out here with a new transmission. He's going to show me where the serial number is at so I can give that to Whirlpool and hopefully all works out. It is good news that it should be free to get fixed but I was hoping it would be fixed like NOW. I've got so much laundry to get done.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I Am Appalled!

I cannot believe some people's views of Army wives or military spouses, in general. I was reading this article on about a wife of a soldier that made a calendar to "boost troop morale" and to make a little money. There is jealousy among the other wives in the community and they are calling this wife a "disgrace" and saying that her husband's "career is on the line." All of this hoopla over a silly little calendar. One woman says it's different if her husband is looking at a calendar of Angelina Jolie, however, she is not in their community... this wife is, which unsettles her, apparently.

They have a sound off section after the articles on and sometimes I read them, sometimes I don't. Often times they piss me off so I tend to stay away... this time was no different. I should have stayed away.

Ive found comments like "Most military wives are fat, lazy pigs sitting around eating ice cream and watching soap operas all day" and "My wife and I found the article funny because we most military wives we know weigh between 200-300lbs" Then there are the comments that are typical with a little fat squeezed in... "The ones crying the loudest are the ones that are screwing around and don't want to get caught." and "They are just screwing around and getting fat while their husband is downrange."

Seriously WTF? Is this what people really think of military wives??? That we screw around, get fat, and sit on our asses while our spouses are deployed for 12-15mths? I want to know what warped reality you are living in... maybe all the fat wives you knew were because those were who you chose to hang out with for your own personal gain. Makes you feel better to have fat friends, right?

Most of the military wives I know are average... they are not model skinny (like the woman in the calendar) but they aren't obese either. The majority of the wives I run into around town or that I am friends with are on the skinny side. They look great. They manage to keep up with their kids, their house, their appearance and not go crazy wondering if their husband is going to come home safe. I also don't know of anyone that takes any opportunity they have to sleep around. My guess is those aren't the ones with 2, 3, or 5 kids. It would be kinda hard to find a sitter just to get laid. Not saying it doesn't happen but to brand the wives into such sad and disgusting labels, it really appalls me.

Oh, and one more thing... I'm not obese, or ugly... in fact most guys in my husband's unit that have seen my pics have thought I was hot. And most people I run into when I'm toting around my 5 kids cannot believe that I birthed them all. So no, I'm not offended because you called me out... I'm offended because you are insinuating that me and my friends are fat, lazy, whores and it's just not true.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Movie Review Monday - A Day Late

I apologize, I was cleaning ALL day yesterday and FORGOT to review my recent movies. So here it is now.

Sweeney Todd - The movie with Johnny Depp. Looked too dark for me. I couldn't bring myself to watch it alone so I sent it back. :)

Epic Movie - Dumb dumb dumb and dumb. I used to like spoof movies but now I'm sorry, they are just retarded. This one was terrible. That's all I can even think to say about it. Just terrible. They spoof big movies like Chronicles of Narnia, Nacho Libre, Pirates of the Caribbean and many others.

Kung Fu Panda - Jack Black is the voice of Po. Po is a panda that has a duck for a dad and he works in the noodle business but wants to do kung fu. Some funny parts, really cute. Might have been better if I wasn't watching what everyone else was doing (went with the 5 kids and my friend and her 1 1/2 yr old son). The kids seemed to really enjoy it... either that or they really liked the popcorn, the movie was just an added bonus LoL

Senior Pranks

I know I never participated in any class pranks but not sure if any of my other classmates did or not. Id be curious to hear some of what others have done.

I was listening to the radio this morning and this is what they were talking about. They said that one senior class took apart the principal or superintendent's Camaro and put it back together on the roof of the building. Of course they couldn't actually get a crane like they did in an episode of Full House so they had to take the motor and seats out, and whatever else they could to make it light enough to carry up a flight of stairs. How crazy is that? It reminded me of an episode of Drake & Josh where Mindy took apart the teacher's car and put it back together in her classroom all because she gave her a B one year. Sounded almost too tv-like to be true... but I'm sure it's still possible and pretty freakin' hilarious.

The other story I heard was even funnier... a group of seniors got three pigs and let them loose in the school. Not really funny, right? They labeled the pigs ONE, TWO and FOUR!!! OMG! They had school officials looking for pig number 3 for two hours! That's some funny shit!

The biggest prank I ever pulled was decorating my mom's house with Ohio State stuff the night before the OSU/UM game. My stepdad is a HUGE Michigan fan whereas my husband is a HUGE Ohio State fan... it was fun!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Who Wants Bacon?

I cant even remember how I even came across this but these are the most bizarre bacon products out there!

1. Bacon Bra (Why anyone would do this is beyond me? All that slimey bacon... ewww!)

2. Bacon Lollipops (I bet my kids would like these)

3. Bacon Spray (For when you want your breath to smell like you just ate a slice of bacon?)

4. Bacon Martini (I don't like martinis so, umm yah... this just looks nasty)

5. Bacon Mints (Oh, wait, these are for making your breath smell like bacon)

6. Bacon Cups (I'm actually going to try making these one day. Finger BLTs without the carbs.)

7. Bacon Airfreshener (Nothing like that just cooked bacon smell!)

8. Bacon Salt (Because everything should taste like bacon!)

9. Bacon Ice Cream (I'm not even going there)

10. Gummy Bacon (Wonder if it really tastes like bacon? I mean, gummy worms don't taste like worms, but gummy coke bottles taste like coke, hmmm)

11. Bacon Cheesecake (Yah... that was my first thought when I didn't have any strawberry topping for my cheesecake. Let's use some leftover bacon from breakfast!)

12. Bacon Soap (Umm, ok)

13. Bacon Flavored Toothpicks (To cover the taste of the food stuck between your teeth?)

14. Bacon Cookies (This must have been on the table the night we made the cheesecake)

15. Bacon Scarf (My bacon loving daughter wants one of these, and they can be found on Etsy)

16. Bacon Tape (For when your eggs crack, hahahaha)

17. Bacon Wallet (That is a deep love of bacon right there)

18. Bacon Bar (We love bacon! We love chocolate! Let's combine them!!!)

19. Bacon Bandaids (Again, another one my bacon loving daughter would die to have on her owies!)

Here's a link to some more strange bacon products...

Eat it up!

What Mixed Drink Are You?

You Are a Mai Tai

You aren't a big drinker, but you'll drink if the atmosphere is festive.

And when you're drunk, watch out! You're easily carried away.

And because I wanted to know what a Mai Tai was, here is what it is...
1½ oz. light rum
1 oz. dark rum
¾ oz. triple sec
½ oz. amaretto
1 oz. orange juice
1 oz. pineapple juice
¼ oz. lime juice
splash of club soda
splash of grenadine
cracked ice

Step1: Put cracked or shaved ice into a cocktail shaker.
Step2: Add rum, Triple Sec, amaretto and juices.
Step3: Shake 4 times.
Step4: Strain into an old-fashioned glass.
Step5: Top with a splash of soda and a dash of grenadine.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

dont menchen it

You know how everyone has their little things that bug them... some are nails on chalkboard, some are teeth scraping the forks... but others have issues with grammar.

i know one girl that cannot stand for everything to be lowercase when it should clearly be capitalized. Where as another cant stand for their to be no punctuation in a sentence even between sentences lacks any distinction And yet anuther who cannot stand it wen peeple misspell the same common words over and over. L3tz not 4g3t th3 hoodr@tz th@t c@nt sp3ll cuz th3y chooz not 2.

Does any of that annoy any of you? I'm sure I do things that annoy people... I don't use punctuation in my posts on boards... just here cause I use spell check to change them. But how the heck do people get through life misspelling EVERYTHING. Simple common words... its probably my high and mighty associates degree talking but seriously, some people are spelling challenged and some mix up their theres all the time.

Dont think I'm cracking on these people, because I'm really not... they probably just aren't as brilliant as I am LoL I am however cracking on the crackheads that misspell everything on purpose and substitute 3s for Es and 2s for tos and 4s for fors and Zs for Ss. That is just retarded if you ask me.

Show some intelligence, I mean if you are over the age of 18 and graduated high school... talk and type like it. I can understand the little 13 yr old myspacers typing like morons, cause they are morons. I was there once... in my little idiotic life thinking I was the coolest thing since sliced bread. I get it. But sometimes you gotta grow up and stop acting like you're something you're not.

I m3@nz how ez is this shizzit 4 u to r3@d. Itz not! Itz n i sor3 n no p3rson ov@ 18 w@ntz to r3@d th@t cr@p.

Forgive me, I probably messed that all up... but y'all get my point. It's ridiculous.

Name Changes

Im checking into my blogs and have noticed a few of changed their names. Some changed awhile ago and some are now changing. But GEEZ people, I cant keep up. Now it screws up my whole blogroll. Geez, no respect... think of the little people!!!

Ok, hope yall know Im just kidding. That's just more work for me to go in and change it so dont get all huffy and puffy if the name is wrong on my blogroll, got it?!

Speaking of name changes... ever want to change yours or one of your kids' names? There were times I didnt like my name... even in high school I changed the spelling of my nickname from Bri to Bree. But never really thought of legally changing it. It's such a common name now, among the 2 and 3 year olds LoL

The only one of my kids' names that I have been unhappy with is Sara's. We went back and forth on her name almost my entire pregnancy. She was supposed to be Sarabeth Gracyn. However, I couldnt yell that name. It just wasnt yellable. It was too pretty to yell so I nixxed that. I then found out a playgroup friend was naming her daughter Sarah. I tried so hard to change her name but always fell back to Sara. And it's not her first name Im not happy with. It's her middle name. I had always wanted to name a little girl Mackenzie Rae... had Jacob been a girl he would have been Mackenzie Grace. The name just didnt fit my other's and we never really recycled names. We did end up using Mackenzie for Sara's middle name. John used to call her Sara Mac, and my sister started calling her Sara Jane... and as plain as that is, I started to LOVE it. It flows so nicely and I find it much easier to yell than Sara Mackenzie. Im just not in love with that name.

Not that I could ever convince my husband to allow me to change her middle name but if I were, it would be spelled Jayne, just for the wow factor with such a plain name. Does it not have a nice flow to it? So straight forward... Sara Jayne.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Bacon & Eggs

That's what my kids had for breakfast this morning. Not the usual generic brand poptart or a bowl of sugarfied cereal. I actually made them breakfast this morning.

I scrambled 8 large eggs with some seasoned salt and garlic salt, my two spice staples. I put them in just about everything. So yummy. I added some cheese to the eggs too cause that is the only way I will eat them. However, 8 eggs barely fed all my kids, so there wasn't even enough for me to have any.

We also tried turkey bacon for the first time. I loved the fact I could fry it without the fear of being popped with hot bacon grease. I wasn't quite sure if the kids would actually like it. Jacob did, he ate two pieces. Lexi barely took a couple bites out of hers... she didn't eat her eggs either. Hmmm. I took a bite of Kadie's and was surprised that it was pretty good. Tasted like ham though. Id much prefer some fatty pork bacon. At least I know my family can eat this if we ever decide to switch to the healthier of the two.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Movie Review Monday

As I promised, here are some reviews of the most recent movies I have watched (ratings are based on 5 stars like Netflix):

Sex and the City: Never watched the series but went with a group of friends to see this. Funny, sad, happy, sexy, funny... yes, I know I already said funny. I thought it was pretty good. Probably would have appreciated more had I actually watched it on HBO. The only parts that I didn't care for were the pornlike sex scenes. That threw me off a little, just not my cup of tea. All in all, 3 1/2 stars. I might consider watching the series on DVD.

Baby Mama: Upscale older business woman wants to have kids, NOW! So she hires a white trash surrogate to have her baby for her. Went to see this with the same group of friends (mostly) as Sex and the City. I didn't really care for it. It was ok. Not as funny as I anticipated but it has a sort of unexpected ending. Some parts are predictable. There were some really funny parts but most of them were in the previews. I may have enjoyed it more if there were two little kids sitting next to me (and no they weren't my own). Id give it 3 stars... Id probably watch it again, but probably wouldn't buy it.

What Happens in Vegas: Ashton Kutcher and Cameron Diaz meet in Vegas and end up hitched. They both think they are entitled to the money they won in Vegas together and end up fighting over it trying to make the other person look bad in the process. Downright HILARIOUS! I could watch this over and over and over again and laugh just as hard every time. Worth the money to see at the theater, will most likely buy it when it comes out on DVD (or add to my wishlist for someone else to buy for me LoL). 5 stars, loved it!

Michael Clayton: George Clooney plays a "janitor" that has to clean up messes for a law firm's clients. Things get out of hand and his life is in jeopardy. George Clooney was great as usual but the movie just didnt do it for me. It seemed a bit sketchy, hard to follow. I may have to watch again to get the full affect from the movie. Overall, 3 stars. Id watch it again just for George Clooney.

Firehouse Dog: A lost dog gets found by a fire department and becomes their mascot. Dog becomes a local hero and everyone falls in love with him. Just like a typical dog movie his owner returns to take back his dog. Excellent family movie. Probably could have been better but Ill probably buy it for the kids. 4 stars.

No Reservations: Catherine Zeta Jones plays a chef in an upscale restaurant that gets custody of her niece. She is finding it hard to juggle her job and a child while falling for the sous chef hired to help her in the kitchen. A good chick flick. Not great, but good. 3 1/2 stars and I would probably watch it again. Probably wouldn't buy it though.

Next week's reviews should include: Sweeney Todd, Epic Movie and Kung Fu Panda

Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Man with the Big Check

I always getting annoying spam in my junk mail but I actually signed up for this one.

I get emails every other day from Publisher's Clearing House. I know my chances of winning are slim to none and that it's more like for monkeys to fly out of my butt but I can't stop myself from entering. At least I don't have to pay anything like I would if I were to pay MegaMillions and Ive got the same chance of winning.

I was telling my sister about it the other day and she wondered if anyone had ever won... which got me thinking too. So I did a quick internet search and you wouldn't believe the amount of people pissed off with PCH for them not winning.

I also read that lots of people never even receive those magazines and junk they are selling. That leads me to think that PCH is just a big scam. They probably pay actors to pose as their "winners" just to dupe people into buying their imaginary stuff.

Probably wont stop me from wasting my time entering but if I ever had any thoughts of purchasing anything, I most definitely will not be.

Check out these links for some of what I was talking about...

Consumer Complaints

Far Away Daddy

No matter how far away daddy is, we still love him just the same!

Happy Father's Day to all those Far Away Daddies and to the most important one of all...

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Is this the kid's section???

You would have thought that was where we were sitting in an almost empty movie theater this evening.

Some friends and I had free movie tickets so decided to see a late movie tonight. There were 4 of us that went. We sat in the back row. There were maybe 6 other people in the theater when we got there.

Then these two girls came in. One was 15 and the other was about 8 or 9. The older girl kept yelling at her sister to be quiet during the commercials. At first it was humorous, then I think she was just doing it to cause a scene... the reason I think this is because for the entire movie this girl did NOT shut up! She even answered the phone and proceeded to talk on it during the movie.

Her little sister wasn't quite as annoying but she sounded sick. She kept coughing and sneezing. Not to mention shaking her beaded hair right in my ear. That was the final straw. I had to move. I did not go to the movies, free or not, to sit next to kids. If I wanted to watch a movie with noisy kids I would have stayed home and watched one of my Netflix movies.

What's even sadder is that it took me the majority of the movie to move to another seat because I was afraid of being rude... I was afraid of little rude girls thinking I was being rude. How sad is that? I should have said something to them or gotten a manager to get them out of there, would have made everyone else happy.

As we were walking out of the movie we saw a car parked out front with two people that looked like they could be the girls' parents (since they were just waiting and there were no other kids in there). I almost tapped on their window to tell them just how rude those girls were. I didn't though... I don't have the balls to do shit like that. One of these days I will snap... they are lucky I was in a good mood and that my kids hadn't pissed me off before leaving for the movie or I just might have gone off on them.

Homeless Children Found

Two seemingly homeless children were found wandering around my living room this morning. Their diapers were full, their clothes were filthy and they came sporting, what I can only assume was, war paint.

One of the children was also seen a couple of days ago walking around in mismatched shoes that were way too big for her. Today they were barefoot and one was without pants.

They do not appear to be malnourished but they were begging for scraps which I obliging gave to them.

If you know who these children belong to could you please let them know I've since bathed their demon spawn and would like to return them to their rightful owner ASAP!

Sweetness on a Chain

Another Babycenter mom, Beth, posted about an awesome necklace she got for Mother's Day. So many other mom's were inspired to go to Lisa Leonard Designs for their own unique gifts for themselves and the dad's in their lives.

I myself really liked alot of the items Lisa had for sale, all personalized with which ever message or initial you wanted. All done with her own two hands. Some of the items are a little steep in price, like the bracelet I wanted that was about $72. But with a $10 off coupon code, I knew I had to buy something. (I'm a sucker for a sale!)

I chose an oval monogram necklace in honor of my marriage and I just received it today. It's beautiful and I love it. The only thing that would have made it sweeter was if my husband had bought it for me, but that's ok. I couldn't suggest it to him cause then he wouldn't buy it since I suggested it (yes, he's weird like that) and the coupon code would have expired before he got to use.

Anyway, here is my unique creation from Lisa Leonard Designs

Cry, Cry, Cry

That is all Ive heard this morning. Adam wakes up crying and whining to be held... I cant hold him, I'm holding Sara. I put her down and she cries. I go to the bathroom where Adam and Sara both try to climb on me. I put Adam down off my lap and he cries. Jacob knocks Sara over which makes her cry. Adam touches Kadie... she cries. Kadie takes something from Sara... she cries. Kadie gives it back only for Jacob to take it from her and make her cry again. Kadie hits Adam and makes him cry. I pop Adam in his mouth for spitting and he starts to cry. Sara cries again. Jacob is about to start crying when I send him to his room for not listening. We just got up at 755am. I can tell what kind of a day its going to be.

They made me so mad last night... so I told them this morning they had to do their chores before they could eat breakfast and then they would clean their rooms. The tv was not to come on until they had their chores done. That did not make them happy. I sent them to bed for not doing their chores last night and Adam got into the markers that Jacob took into his room. He colored all over his legs, the glider and the carpet. He also found scissors and cut a hole in his brand new bed rail (he's only been in a big boy bed about a week or so). I was so incredibly mad... and I'm not sure who I'm the most mad at. I knew the markers were in there, I knew the scissors were in there yet I kept them within Adam's reach. Jacob, however, is the one who took them in there in the first place where they DO NOT belong. I'm ready to take every last thing out of my house. This is why we don't usually have markers in the house because they get on the floors and the walls and the furniture and their legs and arms and faces and everything else but paper. Crayons only get broken or used to draw on things they shouldn't be, as well. No one gives a rats ass about anything that is mine (or the landlord's), they don't care for their own things for that matter.

This morning besides all the screaming I wake up to a broken baby gate. A baby gate that cost $60 and now has no way of locking closed because Jacob slammed it so hard last night he broke the piece out. I got the piece back in but it does no good now because there is no spring. The $100 baby gate I have on the other side of the den is going to be broke soon too. They are already pulling it out of the wall and I'm just waiting for the door on it to get broken or them to put a hole in the netting.

Well I better go... they are riding scooters around my house and making lost dog signs.

Friday, June 13, 2008

More Fun Photos

These are the new collages I made for my MySpace page... I don't have a new one of John but that is because I don't really have many new pictures of him. Ill try and get a new one put together tomorrow with R&R pics though and even though it wont be fun photo Friday, Ill still come back and post it. (ETA: Have to get on other computer for R&R pics, Ill post it soon)


Happy Friday the 13th

Its Friday the 13th again... some people are celebrating their birthdays because they were either born June 13th or on a Friday the 13th, and lots of others are taking the opportunity for horror movie marathons. Our family is not in any of these groups.

We could do Scream or some other tame horror movie but for the most part we are not scary movie people. The kids scare too easily and I'm a big chicken. Maybe if John was here we would put the kids to bed and watch a scary movie or two. There is just no way I can sleep alone after a scary movie. We would probably watch Scream 3... after all it is the first movie we ever saw together.

So tonight will just be like any other night around here... me stressing over the house not being clean and the kids not listening to anything I say. We might switch it up a bit with some movies we got from Netflix and some popcorn too... oooh, aren't we daring!?

School's Out for Summer (Edited)

Title is sung to the likes of Alice Cooper LoL

Today is the last day of school. I've been procrastinating getting the kids out of bed because a) I'm too tired to deal with them right now and b) what was b, again? Crap, I forget. Anyways, I think I will go get them up and make them pancakes for breakfast. I hope there is no fighting this morning. That will only fuel the fear I have for spending the next 10 days with all 5 kids. Not that Ive never done it before, it just seems to be worse this time. They start their summer camp on the 23rd (full day, 5 days a week, yahoo!) and we have big plans for family fun next week since it will be our only fun together until after August 1st but by then Daddy will be home and it will be WAY fun and much less stressful on Mommy.

Ok, off to wake the demons and make them pancakes... chocolate chip and Mickey Mouse.


The kids were not very good this morning. They ended up having poptarts for breakfast instead of pancakes. Lexi refused to go to school... she claimed I was ruining her last day of school. I couldn't find one of her school shirts so she had to wear one of Jacob's. It's just a plain green polo... nothing boyish about it except the fact it was bought for Jacob and she knew that. She also had to buy lunch today even though she didn't like what they were offering. Not my fault. She was told to make her lunch (like she always does) but she was too busy crying about looking "like a nerd in this shirt!" It was very tragic. Jacob didn't give me any trouble this morning.

They got home from school about 345 and by 415 pizza was here for dinner (I did not think it would be here that quick). No one was ready to eat. Instead they unloaded their supply laden backpacks all over my clean livingroom floor. Oh the joy! Now they are just busying themselves coloring and reading. Atleast I don't have to worry about dinner tonight, they can fend for themselves... pizza is on the table.

Fun Photo Friday!!

It's BAAAACK! Finally! This week I'm showcasing some of my Photoshop/Paintshop creations. I am new at all of the editing and creating and sometimes I suck at it. Other times I am astounded by what comes out of my "hard" work. Ok, so most of the time it only takes me a few minutes to throw it together but it takes a bit getting used to the programs (by the way, I use Adobe Photoshop Elements 6.0 and Corel Paintshop Pro xpi). Some of these I have made for myself, and some were made for friends. (If you see a creation I did for you and want it removed, please email me at and I apologize). Enjoy my work!

This is a teacher gift I made for a friend

This was my first attempt at a siggy with Photoshop (I ended up adding a border using Photobucket because I didn't like the way the circles cut off at the edges)

This is a father's day gift I was trying out for a fellow BBC mom, just to get an idea

This is the little graphic I made to wish all my friends a Happy Mother's Day!

This is my second attempt at a siggy with Photoshop, I liked this one better

And this is my latest creation for a signature for a friend, I love it! (Doesn't hurt that the picture is GREAT!)

Playing Catch Up

I have about 25 blogs listed on the right side of this page. I hardly ever find the time to actually read them but I put them here so others may be able to. I am proud to say that I have read the first page of everyone's blog that I have listed, plus two others that I added yesterday. I feel like my blog pales in comparison to most of them. I love those blogs... especially the pictures and the wit.

For photography, check out Lia Pearson Photography: FANTASTIC!!! She is hopefully going to be doing our vow renewal photos. She is based in California, so if you are out that way get your family pictures or baby's pictures or graduation pictures with her. Help a mama out!

For humor, check out Cheaper by the Half Dozen: I don't think there is anyone much funnier on my blogroll. She has 6 kids, that do and say hilarious things. If nothing else check her out on Wednesdays for a weekly Brettism, that kid is funny! I swear she makes this shit up!

For tips on being green, check out The Toby Show: She is the queen! She can show you how to make things like tiny gift boxes out of old greeting cards and felt play food. She will also give you tips on where to find organic food discounts and coupons. She's a big "Save the Earth" advocate and even if you aren't, she is fun to read.

For tips on travelling and places to see with your children, check out Travels with Children: She is a mother of 4 and she is always taking her children on adventures. I envy her for the way she is able to handle all the things in her life and traipse around with her 4 kids being well behaved. We like to travel with our kids but never to some of the places she takes her kids to, like a bank!

Most of the others are just mamas letting off steam or talking about their babies! Check them out too, maybe you will fall in love with one!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

I Want Fabulous

Got this from ChriSpenceRachel's Blog! Try it, see what year you should be in!

You Belong in 1998

With you anything goes! You're grunge one day, ghetto fabulous the next. It's all good!