Thursday, June 19, 2008

Bacon & Eggs

That's what my kids had for breakfast this morning. Not the usual generic brand poptart or a bowl of sugarfied cereal. I actually made them breakfast this morning.

I scrambled 8 large eggs with some seasoned salt and garlic salt, my two spice staples. I put them in just about everything. So yummy. I added some cheese to the eggs too cause that is the only way I will eat them. However, 8 eggs barely fed all my kids, so there wasn't even enough for me to have any.

We also tried turkey bacon for the first time. I loved the fact I could fry it without the fear of being popped with hot bacon grease. I wasn't quite sure if the kids would actually like it. Jacob did, he ate two pieces. Lexi barely took a couple bites out of hers... she didn't eat her eggs either. Hmmm. I took a bite of Kadie's and was surprised that it was pretty good. Tasted like ham though. Id much prefer some fatty pork bacon. At least I know my family can eat this if we ever decide to switch to the healthier of the two.

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