Saturday, June 14, 2008

Cry, Cry, Cry

That is all Ive heard this morning. Adam wakes up crying and whining to be held... I cant hold him, I'm holding Sara. I put her down and she cries. I go to the bathroom where Adam and Sara both try to climb on me. I put Adam down off my lap and he cries. Jacob knocks Sara over which makes her cry. Adam touches Kadie... she cries. Kadie takes something from Sara... she cries. Kadie gives it back only for Jacob to take it from her and make her cry again. Kadie hits Adam and makes him cry. I pop Adam in his mouth for spitting and he starts to cry. Sara cries again. Jacob is about to start crying when I send him to his room for not listening. We just got up at 755am. I can tell what kind of a day its going to be.

They made me so mad last night... so I told them this morning they had to do their chores before they could eat breakfast and then they would clean their rooms. The tv was not to come on until they had their chores done. That did not make them happy. I sent them to bed for not doing their chores last night and Adam got into the markers that Jacob took into his room. He colored all over his legs, the glider and the carpet. He also found scissors and cut a hole in his brand new bed rail (he's only been in a big boy bed about a week or so). I was so incredibly mad... and I'm not sure who I'm the most mad at. I knew the markers were in there, I knew the scissors were in there yet I kept them within Adam's reach. Jacob, however, is the one who took them in there in the first place where they DO NOT belong. I'm ready to take every last thing out of my house. This is why we don't usually have markers in the house because they get on the floors and the walls and the furniture and their legs and arms and faces and everything else but paper. Crayons only get broken or used to draw on things they shouldn't be, as well. No one gives a rats ass about anything that is mine (or the landlord's), they don't care for their own things for that matter.

This morning besides all the screaming I wake up to a broken baby gate. A baby gate that cost $60 and now has no way of locking closed because Jacob slammed it so hard last night he broke the piece out. I got the piece back in but it does no good now because there is no spring. The $100 baby gate I have on the other side of the den is going to be broke soon too. They are already pulling it out of the wall and I'm just waiting for the door on it to get broken or them to put a hole in the netting.

Well I better go... they are riding scooters around my house and making lost dog signs.

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