Thursday, June 5, 2008

Messy Babies

Every month in our 2 Close for Comfort thread on BabyCenter, a wonderful woman takes her time to put together a themed photocontest every month. She is the same wonderful woman that started the 2 Under 2 thread which was later renamed 2 Close for Comfort as our January babies turned 2. She also also provided at least three gift cards as prizes (which sparked the idea to have a contest) and since others have donated their gift cards.

This month's theme is Messy babies... while I think my picture is always one of the better ones, I always solicit votes for others and NEVER vote for myself. This month I say vote for Chris! She totally deserves it and since Im providing the prize this month I will gladly ignore the fact that my picture is obviously the best {wink wink}. And Rachael with her yogurty kissy face is too darn cute!

Good luck Chris & Rachael!

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