Monday, June 16, 2008

Movie Review Monday

As I promised, here are some reviews of the most recent movies I have watched (ratings are based on 5 stars like Netflix):

Sex and the City: Never watched the series but went with a group of friends to see this. Funny, sad, happy, sexy, funny... yes, I know I already said funny. I thought it was pretty good. Probably would have appreciated more had I actually watched it on HBO. The only parts that I didn't care for were the pornlike sex scenes. That threw me off a little, just not my cup of tea. All in all, 3 1/2 stars. I might consider watching the series on DVD.

Baby Mama: Upscale older business woman wants to have kids, NOW! So she hires a white trash surrogate to have her baby for her. Went to see this with the same group of friends (mostly) as Sex and the City. I didn't really care for it. It was ok. Not as funny as I anticipated but it has a sort of unexpected ending. Some parts are predictable. There were some really funny parts but most of them were in the previews. I may have enjoyed it more if there were two little kids sitting next to me (and no they weren't my own). Id give it 3 stars... Id probably watch it again, but probably wouldn't buy it.

What Happens in Vegas: Ashton Kutcher and Cameron Diaz meet in Vegas and end up hitched. They both think they are entitled to the money they won in Vegas together and end up fighting over it trying to make the other person look bad in the process. Downright HILARIOUS! I could watch this over and over and over again and laugh just as hard every time. Worth the money to see at the theater, will most likely buy it when it comes out on DVD (or add to my wishlist for someone else to buy for me LoL). 5 stars, loved it!

Michael Clayton: George Clooney plays a "janitor" that has to clean up messes for a law firm's clients. Things get out of hand and his life is in jeopardy. George Clooney was great as usual but the movie just didnt do it for me. It seemed a bit sketchy, hard to follow. I may have to watch again to get the full affect from the movie. Overall, 3 stars. Id watch it again just for George Clooney.

Firehouse Dog: A lost dog gets found by a fire department and becomes their mascot. Dog becomes a local hero and everyone falls in love with him. Just like a typical dog movie his owner returns to take back his dog. Excellent family movie. Probably could have been better but Ill probably buy it for the kids. 4 stars.

No Reservations: Catherine Zeta Jones plays a chef in an upscale restaurant that gets custody of her niece. She is finding it hard to juggle her job and a child while falling for the sous chef hired to help her in the kitchen. A good chick flick. Not great, but good. 3 1/2 stars and I would probably watch it again. Probably wouldn't buy it though.

Next week's reviews should include: Sweeney Todd, Epic Movie and Kung Fu Panda


Special K said...

Cool reviews! I saw....
Sex and the City- loved it. I saw limited shows on HBO. My sis was really into I went with her and some friends but she had me watch some of the best Sex and the City episodes so I knew the characters well. The porn scenes snuck in quick and threw me as well. I also got annoyed with the comments that one of the girls got fat when she didn't look fat at all.

Baby Mama- I thought it would be a lot funnier as well. I really didn't laugh out loud at all. The best scenes were shown during the previews and weren't funny by the time I saw them. I did love the plotline but thought there were some holes in the story. And loved the "twist" of who was the baby daddy. I thought the characters were good. Thanks for the reviews!

Kristi said...

Great reviews, Bri!

I LOVED SITC! Such a gamut of emotions! You're right, you would have liked it even more had you watched the series. I Netflix-ed them a couple of years ago and became addicted quickly. Hated all of the porn-like scenes, but loved the story line and characters. You should rent them.

I also LOVED What Happens in Vegas! I will be buying that one too. I'd even see it in the theater again. SO funny!

I don't get to see many movies, but I loved reading your reviews. Thanks!