Saturday, June 21, 2008

dont menchen it

You know how everyone has their little things that bug them... some are nails on chalkboard, some are teeth scraping the forks... but others have issues with grammar.

i know one girl that cannot stand for everything to be lowercase when it should clearly be capitalized. Where as another cant stand for their to be no punctuation in a sentence even between sentences lacks any distinction And yet anuther who cannot stand it wen peeple misspell the same common words over and over. L3tz not 4g3t th3 hoodr@tz th@t c@nt sp3ll cuz th3y chooz not 2.

Does any of that annoy any of you? I'm sure I do things that annoy people... I don't use punctuation in my posts on boards... just here cause I use spell check to change them. But how the heck do people get through life misspelling EVERYTHING. Simple common words... its probably my high and mighty associates degree talking but seriously, some people are spelling challenged and some mix up their theres all the time.

Dont think I'm cracking on these people, because I'm really not... they probably just aren't as brilliant as I am LoL I am however cracking on the crackheads that misspell everything on purpose and substitute 3s for Es and 2s for tos and 4s for fors and Zs for Ss. That is just retarded if you ask me.

Show some intelligence, I mean if you are over the age of 18 and graduated high school... talk and type like it. I can understand the little 13 yr old myspacers typing like morons, cause they are morons. I was there once... in my little idiotic life thinking I was the coolest thing since sliced bread. I get it. But sometimes you gotta grow up and stop acting like you're something you're not.

I m3@nz how ez is this shizzit 4 u to r3@d. Itz not! Itz n i sor3 n no p3rson ov@ 18 w@ntz to r3@d th@t cr@p.

Forgive me, I probably messed that all up... but y'all get my point. It's ridiculous.


Christina said...

Hmmmm, I think you might have referred to me somewhere in this post. LMAO I know what you mean. I hate when people say Women when they mean to say Woman....AHHHH!! I still love you even though you didn't cap when needed.

Tiffany said...

i don't know why chirstina would be annoyed by no caps i mean geez it's not that bad right? LOL Just for you sweetie! That stuff doesn't bother me too much as long as I can read it and pretty much understand it for the most part. Did someone make you mad with their postings today Bri?

Bri said...

nope, no one made me mad today... just thinking of the irritating typings of "friends" on myspace and it made me think of other typing that irritates me and others.