Friday, June 6, 2008

30 days and counting...

Can you believe it? That is about all we have left in this ridiculous deployment. Less than a month and my husband will be home. The kids will have their daddy back and I will have time to shower in peace and cook dinner without interruptions from the kids... Lord knows my husband will be interrupting me with his arms wrapped around my waist and his lips on my neck. It's inevitable. But atleast I wont have the hazard of tripping over children into a hot stove...

Time has flown by so fast since he left. At times it seemed to drag on but then there was that morning I woke up and realized OMG he will be home before I know it and I have SOOOO much to get done.

I know he isnt coming home to see a clean house, or his gym equipment set up, or a painted bathroom. Still those are things I NEED to get done before he comes home. I've got the motivation... now to find the time and energy.

I just cannot wait to be in his arms again! Love you baby!

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