Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Ramblings of a 7 Year Old

Lexi's Declaration of Independence

I, Lexi, hereby declare...

*Freedom to stay up later than Jacob
*Freedom to have more allowance
*Freedom to have my own washcloth
*Freedom to get tons of WebKinz
*Freedom to help cook dinner
*Freedom from brushing my hair
*Freedom to have sleepovers every weekend
*Freedom to get more High School Musical stuff

The Big Bad Beast by Lexi W.

Once upon a time there was a magical castle. In the castle lived a big bad beast. He lived with his beautiful wife that he locked up in the dungeon. The castle had candy everywhere. There were lollipops, marshmallows, chocolate bars, cookies and bubblegum. One day a lonely princess was walking in the forest. The princess saw the magical candy castle. Then the princess went in the castle. The beast was in the room. The princess ran home and asked her Fairy Godmother what to do. She said, "Oh dear, go into the castle and talk to the beast." But Princess Madison said, "The Beast is too bad that he probably won't listen." "But that's the only way to do it." "I guess I can do it." said Princess Madison. "Here you go. I'll make you a beautiful dress." She said, "Alica, Alica, Zoo!" Then Princess Madison ran to the magical candy castle. There was an evil troll on the way but Princess Madison hopped over the evil troll. Then she went inside the castle and talked to the beast. Then they danced all night and lived happily ever after.

Update: The beast and his wife loved each other when they got married but after they got married the Beast kept leaving the toilet seat up and the wife refused to make dinner for him, just for herself. They began to hate each other and that is when the Beast threw her in the dungeon. One day while the beast and his princess were living happily every after without a care in the world... the wife made her escape. She found a young prince to marry and she too lived happily ever after. In that area there was no legal system so divorce did not exist (I realized this when I asked Lexi if they got divorced and her face scrunched up as she said, "Huh? What's that?" So the beast and his wife just went about their seperate ways and married their young lovers.


Carol Beth said...

Aargh, I want to know what happened to the beast's poor wife! No doubt forgotten when the younger, more beautiful woman came and distracted him. What a jerk. ;) Great story, Lexi!

Tiffany said...

Ask Lexie what happened to the Beasts wife? I mean thats adultery so Princess Madison should consider that - who wants to be the "other women". lol

Tiffany said...

Wow she's got an imagination thats for sure LOL. I'm glad that they all were happy in the end!!