Sunday, June 8, 2008

5 Minutes

That's all the time it took for all hell to break loose.

I was cleaning up the house while Lexi was still at her friend's house and Jacob and Kadie were playing across the street. I opened the door to take out the garbage when I saw Jacob and Kadie walking up the driveway. At that exact moment Buckeye saw an opportunity to escape. I told Kadie and Jacob to get in the house but they insisted on chasing after Buckeye. I took the garbage can to the curb and Lexi's chaffeur pulled into the driveway. Buckeye then comes sauntering up the driveway with a dead squirrel in his mouth. I finally get all the kids in the house and then starts the "I wants"

"I want something to drink"

"I want a snack"

"I dont want to go to bed"


Well too bad its now 8pm and the drinking cut off is 730 (but I allowed them to have a drink of water if they wanted) and its now too late to have a snack.

Jacob was told to clean the livingroom numerous times in a 30 second period and was still standing there looking like a bump on a log. He finally started cleaning when Lexi let out a blood curdling scream. The kind of scream that would mean either something has really scared her or she is getting hurt. NOPE! She was just pissed off at me for telling her she couldnt have anything but water to drink and because it was time for bed. Not my fault she took a two hour nap at 5pm. I yelled at her for screaming like that because when something was really wrong she wouldnt get any attention since I wouldnt know if she was really hurt. I put a screaming Kadie in bed with Lexi and shut the door. Not 2 seconds later Lexi is kicking the wall like a two year old. She was kicking it so hard half the house was shaking. I bust into her room only to knock Kadie down with the door. I was afraid I broke her nose, it started to bleed. Luckily I just put a scratch on it.

And to think that started just 5 minutes after my kids got home. Thankfully the babies slept right through it. And to give you an idea of how long this fit actually lasted... we walked in the house at 755 and here I am finishing up a novel at 819.

I can only hope my night gets better from here on out...

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