Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I Am Appalled!

I cannot believe some people's views of Army wives or military spouses, in general. I was reading this article on about a wife of a soldier that made a calendar to "boost troop morale" and to make a little money. There is jealousy among the other wives in the community and they are calling this wife a "disgrace" and saying that her husband's "career is on the line." All of this hoopla over a silly little calendar. One woman says it's different if her husband is looking at a calendar of Angelina Jolie, however, she is not in their community... this wife is, which unsettles her, apparently.

They have a sound off section after the articles on and sometimes I read them, sometimes I don't. Often times they piss me off so I tend to stay away... this time was no different. I should have stayed away.

Ive found comments like "Most military wives are fat, lazy pigs sitting around eating ice cream and watching soap operas all day" and "My wife and I found the article funny because we most military wives we know weigh between 200-300lbs" Then there are the comments that are typical with a little fat squeezed in... "The ones crying the loudest are the ones that are screwing around and don't want to get caught." and "They are just screwing around and getting fat while their husband is downrange."

Seriously WTF? Is this what people really think of military wives??? That we screw around, get fat, and sit on our asses while our spouses are deployed for 12-15mths? I want to know what warped reality you are living in... maybe all the fat wives you knew were because those were who you chose to hang out with for your own personal gain. Makes you feel better to have fat friends, right?

Most of the military wives I know are average... they are not model skinny (like the woman in the calendar) but they aren't obese either. The majority of the wives I run into around town or that I am friends with are on the skinny side. They look great. They manage to keep up with their kids, their house, their appearance and not go crazy wondering if their husband is going to come home safe. I also don't know of anyone that takes any opportunity they have to sleep around. My guess is those aren't the ones with 2, 3, or 5 kids. It would be kinda hard to find a sitter just to get laid. Not saying it doesn't happen but to brand the wives into such sad and disgusting labels, it really appalls me.

Oh, and one more thing... I'm not obese, or ugly... in fact most guys in my husband's unit that have seen my pics have thought I was hot. And most people I run into when I'm toting around my 5 kids cannot believe that I birthed them all. So no, I'm not offended because you called me out... I'm offended because you are insinuating that me and my friends are fat, lazy, whores and it's just not true.


Carol Beth said...

Ugh. I'd like to see those people handle 5 kids WITH both parents at home much less doing it as a single mom for months on end. Sorry you had to read such crap.

Tiffany said...

I am thinking it was a total publisity stunt on her part to get more traffic to her website and hence more money. Theres no way that a military spouse of even a week or two wouldn't know that would piss off some spouses. I don't feel bad for the model but I also don't condone violence. As for those jerks who posted negatively about Military Spouses - those people are morons and obviously don't actually know any or they would know thats just dumb.