Friday, June 13, 2008

Fun Photo Friday!!

It's BAAAACK! Finally! This week I'm showcasing some of my Photoshop/Paintshop creations. I am new at all of the editing and creating and sometimes I suck at it. Other times I am astounded by what comes out of my "hard" work. Ok, so most of the time it only takes me a few minutes to throw it together but it takes a bit getting used to the programs (by the way, I use Adobe Photoshop Elements 6.0 and Corel Paintshop Pro xpi). Some of these I have made for myself, and some were made for friends. (If you see a creation I did for you and want it removed, please email me at and I apologize). Enjoy my work!

This is a teacher gift I made for a friend

This was my first attempt at a siggy with Photoshop (I ended up adding a border using Photobucket because I didn't like the way the circles cut off at the edges)

This is a father's day gift I was trying out for a fellow BBC mom, just to get an idea

This is the little graphic I made to wish all my friends a Happy Mother's Day!

This is my second attempt at a siggy with Photoshop, I liked this one better

And this is my latest creation for a signature for a friend, I love it! (Doesn't hurt that the picture is GREAT!)

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Tiffany said...

Um when you gonna "create" the b&w/color photo I sent you ages ago women? Huh? You have until July 1st then I'm gonna protest and bug the crap out of you!!!!! lol