Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Senior Pranks

I know I never participated in any class pranks but not sure if any of my other classmates did or not. Id be curious to hear some of what others have done.

I was listening to the radio this morning and this is what they were talking about. They said that one senior class took apart the principal or superintendent's Camaro and put it back together on the roof of the building. Of course they couldn't actually get a crane like they did in an episode of Full House so they had to take the motor and seats out, and whatever else they could to make it light enough to carry up a flight of stairs. How crazy is that? It reminded me of an episode of Drake & Josh where Mindy took apart the teacher's car and put it back together in her classroom all because she gave her a B one year. Sounded almost too tv-like to be true... but I'm sure it's still possible and pretty freakin' hilarious.

The other story I heard was even funnier... a group of seniors got three pigs and let them loose in the school. Not really funny, right? They labeled the pigs ONE, TWO and FOUR!!! OMG! They had school officials looking for pig number 3 for two hours! That's some funny shit!

The biggest prank I ever pulled was decorating my mom's house with Ohio State stuff the night before the OSU/UM game. My stepdad is a HUGE Michigan fan whereas my husband is a HUGE Ohio State fan... it was fun!

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