Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Movie Review Monday - A Day Late

I apologize, I was cleaning ALL day yesterday and FORGOT to review my recent movies. So here it is now.

Sweeney Todd - The movie with Johnny Depp. Looked too dark for me. I couldn't bring myself to watch it alone so I sent it back. :)

Epic Movie - Dumb dumb dumb and dumb. I used to like spoof movies but now I'm sorry, they are just retarded. This one was terrible. That's all I can even think to say about it. Just terrible. They spoof big movies like Chronicles of Narnia, Nacho Libre, Pirates of the Caribbean and many others.

Kung Fu Panda - Jack Black is the voice of Po. Po is a panda that has a duck for a dad and he works in the noodle business but wants to do kung fu. Some funny parts, really cute. Might have been better if I wasn't watching what everyone else was doing (went with the 5 kids and my friend and her 1 1/2 yr old son). The kids seemed to really enjoy it... either that or they really liked the popcorn, the movie was just an added bonus LoL


Christina said...

You must fix your subject title. LMAO

Carol Beth said...

Sweeney Todd was far too disturbing for my taste. DH liked it but...ugh, I didn't. Way too icky (though it was well-made). Good call for you on not watching it. Yuck.