Thursday, June 12, 2008

Buying a Car

It sucks! I thought it was going great until I was told there was no Jeep to be bought. I took it upon myself to look for another. Hilton Head (a dealer I was emailing awhile back about this) had a red one on their website that was a manual transmission.

I called them to find that out because it wasn't listed on their website. I mistakenly gave her my name and she wanted my contact information. I told her "No thanks, Ive already got a deal down here with Hoover." To which she replies they could have gotten me a better deal since it's their car I was looking at. I hang up with her to call my guy back and he says he has already found me a new vehicle, the same thing I was originally looking at. Great!

Not 5 minutes later the guy I had been emailing at Hilton Head called me. He was trying to get me to come to them. I'm sorry, but you were a jerk in your emails... never answered my questions and NOW you want my business. He tells me he could give me more for my trades and $1000 off. Ok... you haven't seen the trades, so how can you say what you would give me for them? You are out of my way, Id have to get two vehicles (which Ive already "sold" to Hoover) to you and my kids get out of school tomorrow... when would I do this?? And who would drive them there? Oh, lets not forget gas and mileage to get up there. Then he tells me that Hoover is giving me the run around, that they did NOT sell the Jeep, they were holding it for me. Ok, fine, maybe that is true... BUT why would they find me ANOTHER Jeep, exactly the same and give me the same price? What motivation is there to fuck with me? He proceeds to continue arguing with me. I told him that I had to go with the dealer that was right for me... Hoover was convenient, they answered my questions and they were very friendly. This guy would not answer my questions. Vague answers all the time or form emails. If they really wanted my business they would have answered my questions in the first place.

Anyways, so now I'm all flustered. Someone is playing mind games with me and now its bugging me to know who. I don't want Hoover travelling too far to get the Jeep because that puts more miles on it and if Hilton Head still has the Jeep they need to give it Hoover so I can have it. I only have until Saturday to finalize this deal or my loan expires.

Damn salesmen!

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