Saturday, June 28, 2008

Holy SEVEN days, Batman!

Is that really all that is left in this deployment? Seven measly little days? Holy crap! I cannot believe it. As homecoming gets closer and closer I find myself getting more anxious, excited, nervous, scared... all these strange feelings. Don't get me wrong, I'm excited to have my husband back home but with coming home comes so much work as well.

I'm nervous because I want the house to be perfect... I want the kids to look perfect. I have to figure out what I'm wearing and what time to get on post and make sure the house is better than ever. I know I shouldn't stress so much... he is coming home to see his wife and kids, not to see how clean I got the house. Still, it doesn't stop every wife from doing the exact same thing before her husband comes home from a year (or more) deployment.

I'm anxious because its STILL 7 MORE DAYS! Why cant it be TODAY, or YESTERDAY??? Or 6 months ago, for that matter. I wanted him home everyday for the last 14mths... there were times I was glad he wasn't here... no extra fighting. But then again, I wanted to fight with him, just so we could make up. Nothing better than being pissed off at each other and knowing he was right there to look at and say you're sorry. To kiss and make up... among other makeup rituals ;)

And I'm so completely excited because YAY! my husband is coming home! So soon! Some days it feels like he just left... others it feels like an eternity. I'm getting the kids' outfits put together and planning the meals for when he is home. It's all so very exciting. Exciting and scary.

I'm scared because if I thought things were rough now... just wait til he gets home. It's such an adjustment getting back into a two parent household. I'm used to doing things my way or the highway. There was no other adult to consult, I did not have to approve anything with him... I did it all myself for over 14mths. This was MY house, that is MY bed... and because he will be travelling to get out of Iraq. So many bad things happen on those drives... I just don't want this happy ending to come to an abrupt halt. For so many months he has gotten through it... now I worry.

We can't wait to have you home, baby!


Tiffany said...

LOL we all do this same thing even though our hubbys wouldn't care if they walked into a dump and we had paper bags on our head! Jimmy said he'd "help" when he comes home cause um yeah I'm gonna leave it anything but perfect - yeah right! One more week and you'll be in his arms - SO exciting!!!

Special K said...

I'm so excited for you Bri! I was looking for the countdown! How very exciting! I would be scrubbing too....and Pissed Off about the lack of cleaning lady attentiveness!