Sunday, June 22, 2008

Who Wants Bacon?

I cant even remember how I even came across this but these are the most bizarre bacon products out there!

1. Bacon Bra (Why anyone would do this is beyond me? All that slimey bacon... ewww!)

2. Bacon Lollipops (I bet my kids would like these)

3. Bacon Spray (For when you want your breath to smell like you just ate a slice of bacon?)

4. Bacon Martini (I don't like martinis so, umm yah... this just looks nasty)

5. Bacon Mints (Oh, wait, these are for making your breath smell like bacon)

6. Bacon Cups (I'm actually going to try making these one day. Finger BLTs without the carbs.)

7. Bacon Airfreshener (Nothing like that just cooked bacon smell!)

8. Bacon Salt (Because everything should taste like bacon!)

9. Bacon Ice Cream (I'm not even going there)

10. Gummy Bacon (Wonder if it really tastes like bacon? I mean, gummy worms don't taste like worms, but gummy coke bottles taste like coke, hmmm)

11. Bacon Cheesecake (Yah... that was my first thought when I didn't have any strawberry topping for my cheesecake. Let's use some leftover bacon from breakfast!)

12. Bacon Soap (Umm, ok)

13. Bacon Flavored Toothpicks (To cover the taste of the food stuck between your teeth?)

14. Bacon Cookies (This must have been on the table the night we made the cheesecake)

15. Bacon Scarf (My bacon loving daughter wants one of these, and they can be found on Etsy)

16. Bacon Tape (For when your eggs crack, hahahaha)

17. Bacon Wallet (That is a deep love of bacon right there)

18. Bacon Bar (We love bacon! We love chocolate! Let's combine them!!!)

19. Bacon Bandaids (Again, another one my bacon loving daughter would die to have on her owies!)

Here's a link to some more strange bacon products...

Eat it up!

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