Thursday, June 26, 2008

Southern Hospitality, My Ass

I have lived in the south for a total of 37 months now... that's over 3yrs and I have YET to see this southern charm and hospitality everyone seems to be talking about.

Maybe it's because we live in a military town... or maybe its the race factor... or maybe it's just because people could give two shits about anyone but themselves. I just don't get this general disregard for everyone else. What is this world coming to?

I'm tired of going into Walmart, or Target, or Kroger and having a (excuse my racist remark here) black girl serve me with NO smile, NO greeting, NO thank you, NO nothing... half the time they talk to someone else about "Girl, that boy is whack. We goin' out tonight. I don't even care." the entire time I'm checking out. WTH? What happened to actually serving the customer? I hate that I go into these places with my kids and get treated like a nobody. I mean, they could care less about their jobs and even less about the people coming through their checkout.

Heaven forbid I actually have a question for someone when I go into a store either... Lord knows they wont have a clue because like I stated before... they don't care about their jobs and they care even less about the people they are serving. It really grates my nerves. And it's not always the young and dumb either. You know postal workers arent very nice most of the time but you can usually get a "How are you?" with a smile... not these ladies at the post office. Half the time they say NOTHING! I literally mean, NOTHING. They take your packages, charge you, and take your money. They also look at my kids like they have three heads, but I get that everywhere LMAO

Then we just have generally rude folk. They walk out into the road without looking either direction, they bump into you without saying excuse me or sorry, they give you dirty looks because you actually said excuse me... or they don't give a rat's ass that their service was a disgrace and that you are upset. This is what actually inspired my blog.

I decided to hire a cleaning crew... a maid service... to come in and do some of the deep cleaning that I never get to. I wanted it to be done before John came home and I scheduled it for a couple days ago. They were very nice on the phone when I was looking for an estimate and setting up a time for them to come out here. I was really looking forward to it. I now realize I should have saved the money and done it myself.

They informed that two ladies would be coming to do a 7hr clean. They would arrive about 1130 on Tuesday morning. Great! I would get the kids out of the house for awhile and they would be leaving around dinner time. My house would sparkle when I got back and I would feel like a princess. WRONG! The ladies were here for 3 1/2 hrs for a total of 7 man hours. NO ONE told me this. My floors still had spots on them (they were damp mopped, not scrubbed), the mirrors were streaky, and the dining room table still had crap stuck on it. I had every intention of calling them to complain when they called me to see if I was satisfied with the clean. I was NOT! I told him that the ladies were only here 3 1/2 hrs when he informed me that that was a 7hr clean. I told him that no one had informed me of this, to which he replied, "Usually we do." So what did this mean for me? I was screwed basically. I said, "So I'm being charged $270..." he interrupts with, "$276"... "$276 for them to practically do nothing and leave my mirrors and table still dirty." He said, "Yah." I was LIVID! I was practically in tears at this point. I said, "So you mean your 24hr guarantee is just bullshit then?" He wasn't going to offer to send someone out, I had to actually bring up the guarantee or he would have been ok leaving my upset and dissatisfied. He told me he could send someone out to clean what I was unhappy with but I declined. Id rather them not come back... Ill just inform everyone that I know not to go with MaidPro in the Savannah area. They are rude and inefficient. Two ladies worked for 3 1/2 hrs and this is what they did...

*Vacuumed Den
*Vacuumed 4brms
*Washed dishes (mostly pans)
*Cleaned countertops
*Damp mopped 3 rooms and hallways (some spots still on floors)
*Washed 3 mirrors
*Made two beds (two were already made)
*Dusted shelves in my room and the top of the entertainment center
*Cleaned 2 toilets, 2 bathtubs, and 2 bathroom sinks
*Washed dining room table (left stuff stuck to the table and didn't clean the chairs)

They did not dust any knick-knacks or photo frames, wipe down walls or baseboards, or pick anything up... I had everything picked up before they got here so they could focus on the deep cleaning. I should have saved my husband's hard earned money and did the cleaning myself... I could have even got a couple friends to do it cheaper or even for free and done a better job.

Now Ive got an old man looking at my washing machine. He is 100% southern... deep accent and all. He fixed my refrigerator when it was leaking but it doesn't sound like he is making too much headway on my washing machine. He has been here almost an hour already. Not sure how much he is costing me but he was charging me $45 to look at my fridge (whether he fixed it or not) so I'm really hoping he can fix this or I'm out a good chunk of change and have to buy a new washing machine. He isn't the sharpest crayon in the box though and that worries me... he is a stubborn, if-I-cant-fix-it-no-one-can, old man... please let him being able to fix it, and for cheap!

P.S. No such luck with the washing machine. The transmission is stuck/broke/whatever. He says the warranty on the transmission is 5yrs so I need to call Whirlpool to get them out here with a new transmission. He's going to show me where the serial number is at so I can give that to Whirlpool and hopefully all works out. It is good news that it should be free to get fixed but I was hoping it would be fixed like NOW. I've got so much laundry to get done.


Tiffany said...

Well I can tell you that it's not the South but this town. People are worse here than they are in Orlando! I totally agree with you on the workers not caring - I think it has to do with the low wages but they are probably low because no one cares to do their job! It's a horrible circle. Maid Pro sucks and I'll make sure anyone I know hears about it - jerks.

Ricardo Facusse said...

People from rich countries and from big cities are fuckin' rude and unfriendly, thanks god i was born and raised in a third world shithole , Honduras,