Friday, June 13, 2008

Happy Friday the 13th

Its Friday the 13th again... some people are celebrating their birthdays because they were either born June 13th or on a Friday the 13th, and lots of others are taking the opportunity for horror movie marathons. Our family is not in any of these groups.

We could do Scream or some other tame horror movie but for the most part we are not scary movie people. The kids scare too easily and I'm a big chicken. Maybe if John was here we would put the kids to bed and watch a scary movie or two. There is just no way I can sleep alone after a scary movie. We would probably watch Scream 3... after all it is the first movie we ever saw together.

So tonight will just be like any other night around here... me stressing over the house not being clean and the kids not listening to anything I say. We might switch it up a bit with some movies we got from Netflix and some popcorn too... oooh, aren't we daring!?

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