Saturday, June 21, 2008

Name Changes

Im checking into my blogs and have noticed a few of changed their names. Some changed awhile ago and some are now changing. But GEEZ people, I cant keep up. Now it screws up my whole blogroll. Geez, no respect... think of the little people!!!

Ok, hope yall know Im just kidding. That's just more work for me to go in and change it so dont get all huffy and puffy if the name is wrong on my blogroll, got it?!

Speaking of name changes... ever want to change yours or one of your kids' names? There were times I didnt like my name... even in high school I changed the spelling of my nickname from Bri to Bree. But never really thought of legally changing it. It's such a common name now, among the 2 and 3 year olds LoL

The only one of my kids' names that I have been unhappy with is Sara's. We went back and forth on her name almost my entire pregnancy. She was supposed to be Sarabeth Gracyn. However, I couldnt yell that name. It just wasnt yellable. It was too pretty to yell so I nixxed that. I then found out a playgroup friend was naming her daughter Sarah. I tried so hard to change her name but always fell back to Sara. And it's not her first name Im not happy with. It's her middle name. I had always wanted to name a little girl Mackenzie Rae... had Jacob been a girl he would have been Mackenzie Grace. The name just didnt fit my other's and we never really recycled names. We did end up using Mackenzie for Sara's middle name. John used to call her Sara Mac, and my sister started calling her Sara Jane... and as plain as that is, I started to LOVE it. It flows so nicely and I find it much easier to yell than Sara Mackenzie. Im just not in love with that name.

Not that I could ever convince my husband to allow me to change her middle name but if I were, it would be spelled Jayne, just for the wow factor with such a plain name. Does it not have a nice flow to it? So straight forward... Sara Jayne.

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Melanie said...

For what it's worth, I think Sara Mackenzie is yellable! But then I didn't grow up in a household where middle names were included in yells. They couldn't be. Too long. Melanie Anne Alexandra, Natasha Elizabeth Grace.

But I do want to change Cameron's middle names. He's Cameron Conrad Achilles (then a hyphenated last name, his dads - mine). I can't stand Achilles. I want it gone. I'd put in his dad's middle name. Cameron Nils Conrad (and just my last name). But I can't, not without his dad's signature. Sucks.