Friday, June 13, 2008

School's Out for Summer (Edited)

Title is sung to the likes of Alice Cooper LoL

Today is the last day of school. I've been procrastinating getting the kids out of bed because a) I'm too tired to deal with them right now and b) what was b, again? Crap, I forget. Anyways, I think I will go get them up and make them pancakes for breakfast. I hope there is no fighting this morning. That will only fuel the fear I have for spending the next 10 days with all 5 kids. Not that Ive never done it before, it just seems to be worse this time. They start their summer camp on the 23rd (full day, 5 days a week, yahoo!) and we have big plans for family fun next week since it will be our only fun together until after August 1st but by then Daddy will be home and it will be WAY fun and much less stressful on Mommy.

Ok, off to wake the demons and make them pancakes... chocolate chip and Mickey Mouse.


The kids were not very good this morning. They ended up having poptarts for breakfast instead of pancakes. Lexi refused to go to school... she claimed I was ruining her last day of school. I couldn't find one of her school shirts so she had to wear one of Jacob's. It's just a plain green polo... nothing boyish about it except the fact it was bought for Jacob and she knew that. She also had to buy lunch today even though she didn't like what they were offering. Not my fault. She was told to make her lunch (like she always does) but she was too busy crying about looking "like a nerd in this shirt!" It was very tragic. Jacob didn't give me any trouble this morning.

They got home from school about 345 and by 415 pizza was here for dinner (I did not think it would be here that quick). No one was ready to eat. Instead they unloaded their supply laden backpacks all over my clean livingroom floor. Oh the joy! Now they are just busying themselves coloring and reading. Atleast I don't have to worry about dinner tonight, they can fend for themselves... pizza is on the table.

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