Friday, June 13, 2008

Playing Catch Up

I have about 25 blogs listed on the right side of this page. I hardly ever find the time to actually read them but I put them here so others may be able to. I am proud to say that I have read the first page of everyone's blog that I have listed, plus two others that I added yesterday. I feel like my blog pales in comparison to most of them. I love those blogs... especially the pictures and the wit.

For photography, check out Lia Pearson Photography: FANTASTIC!!! She is hopefully going to be doing our vow renewal photos. She is based in California, so if you are out that way get your family pictures or baby's pictures or graduation pictures with her. Help a mama out!

For humor, check out Cheaper by the Half Dozen: I don't think there is anyone much funnier on my blogroll. She has 6 kids, that do and say hilarious things. If nothing else check her out on Wednesdays for a weekly Brettism, that kid is funny! I swear she makes this shit up!

For tips on being green, check out The Toby Show: She is the queen! She can show you how to make things like tiny gift boxes out of old greeting cards and felt play food. She will also give you tips on where to find organic food discounts and coupons. She's a big "Save the Earth" advocate and even if you aren't, she is fun to read.

For tips on travelling and places to see with your children, check out Travels with Children: She is a mother of 4 and she is always taking her children on adventures. I envy her for the way she is able to handle all the things in her life and traipse around with her 4 kids being well behaved. We like to travel with our kids but never to some of the places she takes her kids to, like a bank!

Most of the others are just mamas letting off steam or talking about their babies! Check them out too, maybe you will fall in love with one!

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