Monday, September 29, 2008

Movie Review Monday

I actually watched some movies lately, so I thought I would resurrect the Movie Review Monday blog. A week or so ago I watched a movie called Underclassman. I thought it was like an American Pie, College Frat Boy type movie, but it wasn't. It was actually pretty good. Then the other night during the kids' soccer game, the babies and I sat in the car and watched School of Rock. I had seen it before, and my kids just love it so I thought I'd review it for anyone who hasn't seen it. Jack Black is just awesome in that movie. The final movie in my review this week is Lakeview Terrace. We went to see this for our Mom's Night Out on Saturday and it was GOOD! I love Samuel L. Jackson.

Underclassman: A young police officer who is trying to follow in his father's footsteps keeps making dumb mistakes on the job. He is then given the responsibility of going undercover as a high school student trying to find the culprits in a string of car thefts. More dumb mistakes and the hots for a teacher keep this comedy in true teeny bopper fashion. All in all it was a pretty good movie trying to figure out who did it and why. I would watch it again if someone wanted me to. Rentworthy, 3.5 stars

School of Rock: Jack Black plays a musician that is down on his luck and his mooching is starting to bite him in the ass. His best friend's girlfriend wants him out of the apartment or all the rent he owes. In an attempt to make a quick buck he becomes a substitute teacher to a bunch of rich kids thinking it would be easy. His introduces rock and roll to these kids and ends up having the time of his life. Funny movie... Jack Black is amazing as a crazy, immature rocker. A must see with the whole family. A few choice words are thrown in and one sexual innuendo that I remember, but we all loved it. Rated PG (I believe) so don't let your kid watch it alone unless they are used to that sort of thing. I would rate it 5 stars on Netflix cause I LOVED it!

Lakeview Terrace: Samuel L. Jackson plays a racist cop to a couple of new neighbors, a white man married to a black woman. From the start he doesn't like them and begins giving them hell in his own special little way. Things get worse and worse for the couple as the movie progresses and the tension between the neighbors grows. SLJ takes his creepiness into lunacy when the couple tries to fight fire with fire. Very dramatic and suspenseful. Great movie. I would definitely buy this one and it was worth the free ticket I used to get into the theaters, plus the $5 drink and the candy I bought as well. I would have no issues seeing this in theaters and paying full price. Check it out! 4.5 stars, it moved a bit slow at first.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Fun Photo Friday - Me, Throughout the Years

Since I'm usually posting pictures of the kids, I thought this week I would share some pictures of moi! I can't guarantee that they will be as cute as the kids' pics but for a minute, I would like to rejoice in the fact that I am still a living, breathing, human being and not just words on the screen. Enjoy!







Proud Mommy Moment

Lexi and Jacob have been walking to school since last year. They don't walk EVERY day but more often than not they walk so I don't have to get the other kids ready when I've got so much other stuff to do in the mornings.

I don't usually watch them, but today I stood outside in the cool, rainy weather. They left a bit earlier today so they didn't have to rush. As they got to the end of the street, Lexi saw a friend of hers on the other side. Since there are no crossing guards at that intersection they are not allowed to cross, and besides, it's safer for them to walk against traffic on the grass side rather than with traffic on the sidewalk side.

I hear Lexi say, "Hi Sabrina." Then Sabrina must have said something to her about walking together because that was when Lexi made me proud. She replied, "My mom says we aren't allowed to cross the street." and her and Jacob kept right on walking on this side of the road. I smiled. It made me proud to know that even if she doesn't always agree with me or like what I have to say, at least some of it is sinking in. She really is a good kid.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

You Can Call it Fall

if that's what you please. But I say, I like Autumn. And Autumn has made it's arrival.

I stepped outside at 2pm and my goodness, I was cold. I had to come back in and put on a sweater just to go check the mail. It's only 66 degrees... and cloudy. No sun at all. Big difference from yesterday when a light teeshirt was all that was needed and most days is WAY too much clothing.

Go ahead... laugh at me. I know I've been in the south WAY too long. Below 70 is now too cold... and anything above 70 is too hot. How will I ever move away? Oh, I know... the Army will send us somewhere else, and preferable somewhere with fewer (and smaller) bugs.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Waiting Game

I had my interview with Sears Portrait last Wednesday. It seemed like everything went great. I was told that he would start calling people back starting on Monday. A close friend had an interview on Monday and said it sounded to her like she would be getting a job offer as well. He told her that if he hadn't called her back by Friday, to give him a call on Monday to see what is going on.

I called him today to let him know I was available for training during the week, all except on the 3rd of October. At first he didn't seem to know who I was, so I had to throw in "I interviewed with you last week." And then he just said, "Ok, thanks for letting me know."

THAT. WAS. IT. No, "Ok, I'll be getting back to you sometime this week." or anything. Hmmm. I hate WAITING!!! I'm not a very patient person. I've got October plans that I don't know if I can attend or not because I don't know if I will be working. I guess if I don't get it, then it was meant to be.

But for now I just sit here... playing the waiting game.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Lexi Lou, I love you too!

Just so yall dont think Im leaving Lexi out on purpose... she stays at her friend's house all weekend (that is why she is never in my weekend posts LoL) and I just realized as I was looking at the Fun Photo Friday pics that she wasn't in any of them.

So here are some of Lexi Lou for your viewing pleasure! (Ok, well it could also be that I don't have much in recent pics that yall havent seen already).

From Morning Bliss to Evening Terror

John was outside doing yardwork and I was cleaning in my closet. The kids were in the den watching Barney, or so I thought.

I walked out of my bedroom to find the front door standing open. Not an uncommon occurence in this house. I had the chain on earlier but Jacob needed in and I obviously forgot to relock it. I wanted to make sure all the kids were inside so I went to check the den only to find Jacob and Kadie. I asked where Adam & Sara were and they didn't know (again, not unusual).

I went out front to see if they were out there. I didn't see them but I did see John walking up the driveway so I asked him if Sara and Adam were out there. He said he hadn't seen them but he had been out back. So I thought maybe they were still in the house playing in one of the bedrooms.

I sent Jacob to check the other rooms and I went to check out back. My first thought was that I was going to find them face down in the pond. Thank god I didn't. We still had no idea where they were and my phone was MIA as well.

I went on a frantic search for my phone which John said Adam was supposed to bring to me. Obviously he didn't. I found John's phone instead and as we walked outside I dialed 911. I told the operator our address and that my 1 and 2 yr old were missing. This is when I started to freak out. My whole body was shaking and I started bawling. It didn't become reality until I said it out loud.

The 911 operator was confirming what she had heard when I noticed John. Jacob and Kadie walking down the street in search of the babies. About 6 houses down were two tiny figures waving their arms and all giddy seeing their daddy again. WE FOUND THEM! I told the operator and went sprinting down the street.

As I got to house number 4 there were three bystanders. One asked if I was missing a phone. Adam must have taken it with him. They thought we were looking for the dog. No one seemed to notice the 1 and 2 yr old taking a walk all alone... oh, and crossing the street. My neighbor was driving by as John was walking back towards me with the kids and she too thought we had lost the dog (again). No, not this time.

I was so relieved that they were ok. They could have been kidnapped or hit by a car but thank god they weren't. They were more than excited to see me and they must have thought they had just won a supersized game of hide and go seek.

*I won't even bother to put a disclaimer, but if you must put salt in my wounds feel free. I'm not perfect and I don't claim to be. You can be the pot all you want*

Easy Like Sunday Morning

The first time I looked at the clock it was 830 and the kids were still sleeping. Before I knew it Kadie was cuddled up next to me and then I heard Adam. John got up with the both of them and let me sleep in which he usually does every Sunday.

The next time I looked at the clock it was 945 and I could NOT believe it was almost 10am. I had still been sleeping, or at least still in bed, and no kids had come to bother me. No one came to ask me for breakfast and no one came to tattle on their defiant sibling, until about 30 seconds later.

In comes Kadie crying that Adam threw a shoe at her. Jacob fast on her heels to tell me that the shoe was in the train bucket cause that is where he put it when he was cleaning. Why the shoe was in the train bucket and not the shoe bucket is beyond me, but at the moment I didn't really care. So I tell Jacob to make Adam say he was sorry to Kadie and his reply, "I already told him to say 'excuse me' cause he farted." Oh, my bad... guess that covers it all then. Another 3o seconds pass and Jacob is now asking me to help put together his toy. Never mind that his dad is up and in the living room while I am in my bed, snuggled under the covers with the gate shut.

I decided I would get up and potty since I'd been holding it since late last night and I sent Kadie out to retrieve the Savannah Morning News. Sara spotted me on my way to the bathroom and stopped to give me a hug. Then she followed me into the bathroom like any good kid would do and wanted to sit on the little potty. I took her diaper off, she pretended to pee, then left the bathroom.

Kadie gave me the newspaper and I headed back to my retreat. Yes, I milk it as long as I can. Opened up the paper and here comes Sara. She can't open the gate so she SCREAMS because mean old mommy shut her out. John came and scooped her up to get a new diaper on her and I was back on my own personal cloud nine. Perusing the ads, about to clip coupons, posting on my boards and just enjoying my alone time... a little slice of heaven.

Friday, September 19, 2008


I took Kadie for her 4yr old pictures on Wednesday and got some updated shots of Sara (21mths), as well. The girls were pretty uncooperative. Sara didn't want to sit or stand still, neither of them would smile. It took quite a bit of time for them to start warming up but once they did, wow! We got some great shots!

And for those of you who have already seen those incredibly cute pictures... here are some randoms for your viewing pleasure. The first three were taken by Kadie, the last two by John.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Tooth Fairy Detail

Wednesday morning a distraught Lexi wakes up saying "The tooth fairy didn't come!" I was confused... she lost a tooth? I went to her room to see what the deal was and sure enough she was missing one of her front teeth. I couldn't help but laugh because she looks really funny.

"What do you mean the tooth fairy didn't come? When did you lose a tooth?"

"Last night!" she says

"Was it after you were in bed?"


"Was I in bed?"


"Was dad in bed?"


"Did you come and tell us?"


"Oh, I don't remember that. Well I'm sure the tooth fairy will come tonight. She was probably already off duty when you lost your tooth." I reassured her.

I call John at work to find out if he remembers Lexi telling us about her lost tooth.

"Did you know Lexi lost a tooth last night?"

"Yah, she came in and told us. Don't you remember?"


"Yah, she came in the room and woke me up. I asked her what was wrong and she said she lost a tooth. She showed me but I could barely see anything."

"Did I say anything?"

"Yah, you asked if she knew where it was." (definitely sounds like something I would say LoL)

"Oh, I don't remember any of that. You should have reminded the tooth fairy."

Fast forward to this morning... crap, tooth fairy forgot again but luckily she was quiet enough to sneak in at 715am. She replaced the tooth with a dollar from the back pocket of her jeans and went about her day. Whew! A close call but all is well in Tooth Fairy World!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My Soccer Stars!

Lexi and Jacob had a soccer game tonight. Usually it's practice on Wednesday nights but we played our game tonight instead of Friday since the other team wouldn't be able to play on our regular game night.

4 out of our 7 players were there... two of which were my kids. And OMG they played AMAZINGLY!!! They totally rocked the field the entire HOUR!!! They even played harder during the second half with just a few minute long breaks and no substitutes the whole game.

This may not sound like a major thing to some, but this is September in Georgia, where it feels like summer 75% of the year. The kids were dripping with sweat, their faces beat red, and Jacob was getting knocked over left and right but they didn't give up. Both of my kids even scored and had at least one assist during the game.

Our team played their little hearts out in their victory over the White Storm Troopers. Way to go Green Jaguars!

*Sorry, no pics from tonight... I'm kicking myself for forgetting it

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It's off to work I go...

well, maybe.

I applied at Sears Portrait a couple of weeks ago and surprisingly enough, I got a call from the manager last week. He wanted me to come in for an interview (which was today). I wasn't going to say anything unless I got the job but I just can't contain myself (plus I needed something to blog about).

I went in this morning for a regularly scheduled photo session for Kadie and Sara. The manager knew I was coming in and planned on having me interview with the assistant manager. Apparently she was out at the beach doing an on-location photo shoot and I would have to wait for the manager to get in to do my interview. Thinking that he would be there by the time I was done (after all that took over an hour) I stuck it out. He didn't get there til almost noon and the kids were all wound tighter than a yo-yo. My friend came to keep an eye on them so I could talk with the manager uninterrupted and thankfully they stayed away long enough for me to make "what I think was" a good impression.

He seemed to like me. Gave me the spiel about what will go on during training and what would be expected of me during the holiday season. He said he would call people next week to get them set up for the training sessions. One of which starts in about 2wks. Hopefully I can get a sitter during the day (if I get hired) so I can get that done and over with and move on to actually working there. Lord knows they can use all the help they can get.

I'm really excited about it. Not even the money making factor, either. The fact that I get to take photos of other people's kids AND get paid for it. I'm hoping that by working there will give me the motivation and confidence to pursue my own career in photography.

Wish me luck!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Who put me together?

Cause I think I was put together wrong... seriously!

John always makes fun of my cause I can't flex my calf muscles. I can't really flex many of my muscles to be honest... they just don't like to be told what to do I guess. Anyway, he was trying to show me how to flex my muscles, by standing on my tippy toes.

Ok, great... I can follow directions. Apparently those muscles cannot though. They didn't change at all from standing flat on my feet and standing on my toes. So I tried again... still no change. The next time I pointed my toes up in the air and wouldn't you know it, those muscles tightened up and John was flabbergasted.

So I was put together backwards! My best guess is that whoever had that job must have been a man... I mean, you know men don't read the directions.

Soccer! It's what we do.

Lexi started playing soccer when she was 5. I was pregnant with Adam and she played with an indoor league at the Y by my aunt's house in Toledo. We moved to Savannah and I accidentally signed her and Jacob up to play in the fall league in Richmond Hill. Jacob was 5 when he started as well.

They loved their teams and playing soccer outdoors. I just couldn't take them away from it so I signed them up in the spring as well. This time I put them on the same team so I wasn't making 4 trips down a week, now it would only be twice a week.

This season they are again on the same team. Jacob is so much like the older kids when it comes to soccer, it's kinda scary. I love having them on the same team. At least they get along on the field. I also found a mini league for Kadie and Adam to play in together. It's for 2-4yr olds.

Kadie and Adam started yesterday and Kadie did not want to participate much at all. I think I had her on the field doing what she was supposed to be doing for about 5 minutes. Adam lasted much longer but wasn't much for doing what the coach instructed. He seemed to have a lot of fun though and I will keep taking him back as long as he can handle it.

I was not impressed with the Early Goals coach (for Kadie & Adam) as he was trying to get them to do skill drills that were way too advanced for the majority of the kids there. The kids loved the treasure hunt game they played where they had to kick the ball and pick up the teeshirts and get as many as they could. But the game where they had to try to kick their ball into the ball the coach kicked across the field was way advanced and something my older kids probably couldn't even do.

I also was not impressed with a couple of the parents that were there as well. This one dad came up and took Adam's ball because Adam wasn't paying it any attention at the moment so then when I told Adam to get his ball, it was gone and there were no more around for him to have. This dad was kicking it around showing his daughter how to do the complicated drill this "coach" thought the 2 yr olds could do. Then this mom was hoarding the teeshirts in the treasure hunt game so that her son could get the most. Adam was kicking his ball and I told him "Look, there are some teeshirts." but apparently this soccer mom had already staked claim to them as she snatched them up and thrusted them in her son's hands. That irritated me more than the dad taking my kid's ball. Talk about teaching your son that winning is everything.

All the kids were so adorable... even a friend was there with her son. He was even less interested than Kadie was, but that is all in his age. He just wants to be free. Kadie just turned 4 but she is super shy, so that is her main issue. That's ok, I just won't pay for her to play... save me some moolah.

Here are some pics for your enjoying pleasure...

Monday, September 15, 2008

We are not an EFFIN group!

Ever go into a restaurant that has stated on it's menu that groups larger than 6 or 8 are charged an 18% gratuity? We have, plenty of times and not once, not EVER has it applied to us. I'm in disbelief right now because we are not a fucking group!

Excuse my language, but seriously. We are a family of 7. A family, not a group. We were not that loud, we did not make a mess (in fact I cleaned up some before getting the bill), and we were not demanding at all. Our server barely did anything besides take our order and bring our food. She checked on us a couple times but really there was no above and beyond or any kind of nuisance from us to warrant an 18% tip.

Now before you think I'm a cheapskate, I'm really not. I usually tip very well, 20% usually (unless they suck, I don't play when it comes to tipping). She most likely would have gotten a larger tip had she not taken the liberty of charging us. That just ticked me off.

Oh but wait, there is more. She brought back my change. "There is your $6." She said. I was floored. She took her 18% tip and then took an extra 64 cents on top of that. She only brought me back bills, no change. I mean, it was kids eat free night. So maybe I'm overreacting a bit.

Maybe I'm looking at this the wrong way... maybe I should be thanking her for saving me money. Yes, that's it. Thanks for not recognizing us as a family and taking what you thought was a fair tip... it saved me the trouble of adding and a couple extra dollars in tip. And I guess I did save $25 on the kids meals... but still. That was just not kosher.

Fork me!

"Fork me! Fork me! Fork me!"

This is the phrase Adam was saying OVER and OVER and OVER this morning. I was laughing my ass off at what it REALLY sounded like!

4 YEARS OLD!? How time flies!

2004 doesn't seem like that long ago... but man, 4 years already!

Kaydence BreAnne was born on Sept. 15th 2004 at 940pm. She weighed in at 6lbs 15oz (the same as her big sister). She was delivered after 12hrs of pitocin. Her name was up in the air as we considered naming her after my aunt that had recently passed away but my grandma was not sold on the idea and I did not want to upset her.

So here was our little Kadie Bug!

Looking at pictures of years passed it is amazing how much bigger, smarter, and older looking she has gotten in such a short period of time. This picture was taken just a year and a half ago.

Just about this time last year she got her hair chopped off by her older brother. I was so incredibly mad, but she looked so darn cute!

Now look how long it is! I wonder how long it would have been had we not cut it. It's still not as long as it was right before it was cut though.

And she starts soccer TONIGHT! On her birthday! But she doesn't start school until next year. She missed the cutoff by two weeks, poor thing (or poor me, whichever way you prefer to think of it LoL)

Sunday, September 14, 2008

On a lighter note...

The kids are always asking for us to buy one thing or another and I keep telling them we are broke. No, we aren't struggling but with gas at $4.39 a gallon and an uber expensive trip to Cincinnati last weekend... we have just enough to pay bills and feed us modestly until the 1st.

Anyways... as I was doing laundry yesterday and promising Jacob that I would play a game with him as soon as I was done, he found a penny on the floor. With a light in his eye he looked at me and said, "Look MOM! I found a PENNY! Now we aren't broke anymore!"

Gotta love 6 yr olds and their concept of money (or lack thereof)!

The Eye of the Hurricane

And no I am NOT talking about Hurricane Ike or any other natural disaster. Although, at this point I think teething should be put on the natural disasters list.

Sara's eye teeth are making us all miserable. She used to be such a happy go lucky baby that could be satisfied with a quick kiss and a handful of goldfish. Now she needs mommy 24/7. If she isn't eating or sleeping she is climbing in my lap or crying to be held. It makes for a overwhelmed mama when I've got a million other things to do, like peeing or attending to a sibling.

I do try and cherish the fact that my kids want me and only me just about all day, everyday but it really gets tiresome. I feel bad that I'm not one of those other moms blogging about how cute my kids are and how I'm so blessed by all their hugs and kisses. They might call me supermom, but I'm nowhere close. I feel like sometimes between the fighting and the crying and the constant attention seeking on top of the laundry and the cleaning and the potty training and what-not that I am just so spread thin I can't think straight (probably why I go through 6 names before getting the right one LoL).

I know one of these days I will look back and miss when my kids wanted me, before they hated me and thought I was the worst mother ever. But for now I just wish those damn teeth would break through and give me just the tiniest break, prettttttttyyyyyy pleaaaaaaaaase!? (Yes, I'm begging!)

Saturday, September 13, 2008

My Fall Tv Line-Up

*Hey hooker! I didn't copy you, see, MINE says Line-Up, NOT schedule*

I realized last year that I have WAY WAY WAY too many shows that I like to watch. Add in the shows John likes to watch and we have a problem. The problem is that we don't have a dual show recording Tivo... nope, just a single one. WTH was I thinking?

Desperate Housewives 9pm (MUST WATCH!)
Brother's & Sister's 10pm (LOVE this show!)

Samantha Who 930pm (I like it, it doesn't conflict with anything, what else will I do before bed?)
CSI: Miami 10pm (I'll Tivo it)

NCIS 8pm (another MUST)
90210 8pm (have yet to watch this, but am catching Tuesday's epi to find out "Who's the Daddy?" of Kelly's 4yr old son)
House 8pm (why must this conflict with NCIS!? NCIS definitely gets Tivo priority)
Law & Order: SVU (another to Tivo and watch later)

Bones 8pm (John's show, I watch but don't HAVE to)
Private Practice 9pm (Grey's spinoff... not as good but can't help my addiction LoL)
Deal or No Deal 9pm (I used to watch this all the time, probably not so much this year, the kids love it though)
CSI: NY (I'll just Tivo this and hopefully get to it before it deletes to make room for new shows)

Ugly Betty 8pm
Grey's Anatomy 9pm (GOTTA WATCH THIS!)
ER 10pm

Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader? 8pm (kids like it, but doubt we make it home in time due to soccer until the beginning of November)
Supernanny 9pm (Lexi is in LOVE with this show, I'll Tivo it just for her!)
Deal or No Deal 9pm

College Football 8pm

*Yes, I know I have no life*

Friday, September 12, 2008

IT'S BACK!!! Fun Photo Friday!

Here are some pictures from our Cincinnati Wedding trip. I took TONS more that I will post on my MySpace probably later today if you want to check those out too. Thanks for looking, and enjoy!