Friday, September 26, 2008

Proud Mommy Moment

Lexi and Jacob have been walking to school since last year. They don't walk EVERY day but more often than not they walk so I don't have to get the other kids ready when I've got so much other stuff to do in the mornings.

I don't usually watch them, but today I stood outside in the cool, rainy weather. They left a bit earlier today so they didn't have to rush. As they got to the end of the street, Lexi saw a friend of hers on the other side. Since there are no crossing guards at that intersection they are not allowed to cross, and besides, it's safer for them to walk against traffic on the grass side rather than with traffic on the sidewalk side.

I hear Lexi say, "Hi Sabrina." Then Sabrina must have said something to her about walking together because that was when Lexi made me proud. She replied, "My mom says we aren't allowed to cross the street." and her and Jacob kept right on walking on this side of the road. I smiled. It made me proud to know that even if she doesn't always agree with me or like what I have to say, at least some of it is sinking in. She really is a good kid.

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Anonymous said...

What a proud moment! A sign she is growing up, too!