Saturday, September 13, 2008

My Fall Tv Line-Up

*Hey hooker! I didn't copy you, see, MINE says Line-Up, NOT schedule*

I realized last year that I have WAY WAY WAY too many shows that I like to watch. Add in the shows John likes to watch and we have a problem. The problem is that we don't have a dual show recording Tivo... nope, just a single one. WTH was I thinking?

Desperate Housewives 9pm (MUST WATCH!)
Brother's & Sister's 10pm (LOVE this show!)

Samantha Who 930pm (I like it, it doesn't conflict with anything, what else will I do before bed?)
CSI: Miami 10pm (I'll Tivo it)

NCIS 8pm (another MUST)
90210 8pm (have yet to watch this, but am catching Tuesday's epi to find out "Who's the Daddy?" of Kelly's 4yr old son)
House 8pm (why must this conflict with NCIS!? NCIS definitely gets Tivo priority)
Law & Order: SVU (another to Tivo and watch later)

Bones 8pm (John's show, I watch but don't HAVE to)
Private Practice 9pm (Grey's spinoff... not as good but can't help my addiction LoL)
Deal or No Deal 9pm (I used to watch this all the time, probably not so much this year, the kids love it though)
CSI: NY (I'll just Tivo this and hopefully get to it before it deletes to make room for new shows)

Ugly Betty 8pm
Grey's Anatomy 9pm (GOTTA WATCH THIS!)
ER 10pm

Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader? 8pm (kids like it, but doubt we make it home in time due to soccer until the beginning of November)
Supernanny 9pm (Lexi is in LOVE with this show, I'll Tivo it just for her!)
Deal or No Deal 9pm

College Football 8pm

*Yes, I know I have no life*

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Tiffany said...

Wow women thats a lot of shows! When will you have time to chat with me online? Guess you'll have to schedule me in LOL