Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My Soccer Stars!

Lexi and Jacob had a soccer game tonight. Usually it's practice on Wednesday nights but we played our game tonight instead of Friday since the other team wouldn't be able to play on our regular game night.

4 out of our 7 players were there... two of which were my kids. And OMG they played AMAZINGLY!!! They totally rocked the field the entire HOUR!!! They even played harder during the second half with just a few minute long breaks and no substitutes the whole game.

This may not sound like a major thing to some, but this is September in Georgia, where it feels like summer 75% of the year. The kids were dripping with sweat, their faces beat red, and Jacob was getting knocked over left and right but they didn't give up. Both of my kids even scored and had at least one assist during the game.

Our team played their little hearts out in their victory over the White Storm Troopers. Way to go Green Jaguars!

*Sorry, no pics from tonight... I'm kicking myself for forgetting it

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