Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Long time, no see

So I realize I haven't been keeping up with my blog like I should be. I haven't even had the time to read some of my favorite blogs like Ducktape, Starbucks & Prozac, Starbucks Junkie, Cheaper than Therapy and Cheaper by the Half Dozen (notice the similarities there LoL). If you haven't checked out any of the blogs on my blogroll, at least check these ones out. And Lia Pearson Photography too... if all goes as planned she will be doing our vow renewal photos. She is amazing.

Life has been so hectic lately with John finally home and now back to work... the kids finished up with their summer camp and had a month off before school started back last week... we had a wedding to attend in Ohio this last weekend... hurricane threats... playgroups... soccer... cheerleading... and now early goals soccer starting soon.

I haven't really had any real time for me. I get on the computer to check my groups quickly with not much time to read everything or post much at all. When did my life become one big jumble of stuff to do? I mean, I realize that it's always pretty much been hectic but I used to have time that I now don't seem to have the luxury of.

I think Sara is teething. Those damn eye teeth (for you moms with grown kids, those are the canines... I didn't learn this until recently HA!), they are coming in with a vengeance. If she isn't eating or sleeping, she is whining and wants to be held. It makes for one stressed out mama. Especially since Adam has been a mama's boy more recently too. I think he is getting jealous of the attention Sara is getting because she is cranky. I'm hoping that being home now and getting back to real life that things can calm down again.

The wedding was really nice. Got to see some family that we haven't seen since Christmas. The ceremony itself was beautiful. It was outdoors and it was nice to not be eaten alive or melt the second I walked outside. The weather was a bit rainy for the rehearsal on Friday but by Saturday the ground was dry and the sun was shining (way too bright right in my face, but I survived). I got a bit stressed out before the wedding even started because John was about to be in an argument with someone over something retarded. These two do NOT get along whatsoever and I could just see it ending badly.

I finally decided what I was wearing to the wedding about an hour before we had to leave for formal pictures HA! We went to Kmart to get socks and nail polish and I ended up buying a black skirt and some black leggings. We forgot the socks but so glad I got the leggings. I looked totally 80s but at least I was comfortable in what I was wearing and that was all that mattered. I wore my "hooker" shoes, my big hoop earrings and my hair was down. John wanted me to wear my hair half-up but I thought that would have just completed the hooker look so I decided against it.

On Sunday John took the boys and his dad and brother to the Cubs vs Reds game at The Great American Ballpark. The girls and I walked down to Newport on the Levee. I got some pictures of the river and we got to see the Purple People Bridge. We didn't get a chance to walk it though. Dinner was at Johnny Rocket's that night and OMG are they ever ridiculously overpriced. Never again will we eat there. Especially not on the Ohio River where the service sucked! That was easily the worst part of the entire trip.

We got our Bob Evan's fix, TWICE! Now we won't have to drive all the way to Jacksonville to get barbecue sauce LoL The kids were very happy to get to go to their favorite restaurant and the girls got their first taste of Big Boy. I forgot how cheap they were. And the service was AMAZING! Their food was out within 5 min. It was easily the best service we have received when travelling.

The drives to and from Ohio were rather uneventful yet LONG and BORING! The kids did fairly well. Sara cried every time she dropped her blanket or she saw food that someone else had but all in all they were very well behaved. However, we have decided all driving long distances will start around 7pm and go through the night with me driving first (even though I hate driving) and John sleeping until about midnight then driving the remainder (if he can make it that long). I just never get enough sleep in the car to drive through the night... John can sleep anywhere LoL

We got home about 930 Monday night and everyone went back to their respective "jobs" yesterday. I still have unpacking to do (and pictures to post)... but for now, I'm going to playgroup!

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Tiffany said...

Glad your back sweetie! We missed you. So did buckeye LMAO