Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Eye of the Hurricane

And no I am NOT talking about Hurricane Ike or any other natural disaster. Although, at this point I think teething should be put on the natural disasters list.

Sara's eye teeth are making us all miserable. She used to be such a happy go lucky baby that could be satisfied with a quick kiss and a handful of goldfish. Now she needs mommy 24/7. If she isn't eating or sleeping she is climbing in my lap or crying to be held. It makes for a overwhelmed mama when I've got a million other things to do, like peeing or attending to a sibling.

I do try and cherish the fact that my kids want me and only me just about all day, everyday but it really gets tiresome. I feel bad that I'm not one of those other moms blogging about how cute my kids are and how I'm so blessed by all their hugs and kisses. They might call me supermom, but I'm nowhere close. I feel like sometimes between the fighting and the crying and the constant attention seeking on top of the laundry and the cleaning and the potty training and what-not that I am just so spread thin I can't think straight (probably why I go through 6 names before getting the right one LoL).

I know one of these days I will look back and miss when my kids wanted me, before they hated me and thought I was the worst mother ever. But for now I just wish those damn teeth would break through and give me just the tiniest break, prettttttttyyyyyy pleaaaaaaaaase!? (Yes, I'm begging!)


Becky said...

I can sooo relate to this right now. Natalie's getting her molars and she clings to my neck like a baby monkey. It's impossible to get anything done because she screams bloody murder if I try to put her down.

This is one of those weeks when I have a hard time cherishing the cute things my kids do, too. The stress makes it impossible to enjoy much of anything. But this, too, will pass! I'm hoping sooner rather than later, for both of us!

Tiffany said...

Sorry about the horrible teething - Zilla was like that with the eye teeth too. Those dang thing took FOREVER to come through!!! His molars just popped through but not those agonizing eye teeth - grr i hated those! Hope she gets them soon!