Monday, September 29, 2008

Movie Review Monday

I actually watched some movies lately, so I thought I would resurrect the Movie Review Monday blog. A week or so ago I watched a movie called Underclassman. I thought it was like an American Pie, College Frat Boy type movie, but it wasn't. It was actually pretty good. Then the other night during the kids' soccer game, the babies and I sat in the car and watched School of Rock. I had seen it before, and my kids just love it so I thought I'd review it for anyone who hasn't seen it. Jack Black is just awesome in that movie. The final movie in my review this week is Lakeview Terrace. We went to see this for our Mom's Night Out on Saturday and it was GOOD! I love Samuel L. Jackson.

Underclassman: A young police officer who is trying to follow in his father's footsteps keeps making dumb mistakes on the job. He is then given the responsibility of going undercover as a high school student trying to find the culprits in a string of car thefts. More dumb mistakes and the hots for a teacher keep this comedy in true teeny bopper fashion. All in all it was a pretty good movie trying to figure out who did it and why. I would watch it again if someone wanted me to. Rentworthy, 3.5 stars

School of Rock: Jack Black plays a musician that is down on his luck and his mooching is starting to bite him in the ass. His best friend's girlfriend wants him out of the apartment or all the rent he owes. In an attempt to make a quick buck he becomes a substitute teacher to a bunch of rich kids thinking it would be easy. His introduces rock and roll to these kids and ends up having the time of his life. Funny movie... Jack Black is amazing as a crazy, immature rocker. A must see with the whole family. A few choice words are thrown in and one sexual innuendo that I remember, but we all loved it. Rated PG (I believe) so don't let your kid watch it alone unless they are used to that sort of thing. I would rate it 5 stars on Netflix cause I LOVED it!

Lakeview Terrace: Samuel L. Jackson plays a racist cop to a couple of new neighbors, a white man married to a black woman. From the start he doesn't like them and begins giving them hell in his own special little way. Things get worse and worse for the couple as the movie progresses and the tension between the neighbors grows. SLJ takes his creepiness into lunacy when the couple tries to fight fire with fire. Very dramatic and suspenseful. Great movie. I would definitely buy this one and it was worth the free ticket I used to get into the theaters, plus the $5 drink and the candy I bought as well. I would have no issues seeing this in theaters and paying full price. Check it out! 4.5 stars, it moved a bit slow at first.

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