Friday, September 19, 2008


I took Kadie for her 4yr old pictures on Wednesday and got some updated shots of Sara (21mths), as well. The girls were pretty uncooperative. Sara didn't want to sit or stand still, neither of them would smile. It took quite a bit of time for them to start warming up but once they did, wow! We got some great shots!

And for those of you who have already seen those incredibly cute pictures... here are some randoms for your viewing pleasure. The first three were taken by Kadie, the last two by John.


Special K said...

Awesome- love all the pics! Multiple hairstyles and outfits on two children? Will you be the helper when I next take my kids to get photos taken? Maybe I'll need tocome to sears if you get that job!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures! Finally, a straight shot of you. You look so much like a girl I knew in college its crazy and funny thing is her name was Bri, too.