Monday, September 15, 2008

We are not an EFFIN group!

Ever go into a restaurant that has stated on it's menu that groups larger than 6 or 8 are charged an 18% gratuity? We have, plenty of times and not once, not EVER has it applied to us. I'm in disbelief right now because we are not a fucking group!

Excuse my language, but seriously. We are a family of 7. A family, not a group. We were not that loud, we did not make a mess (in fact I cleaned up some before getting the bill), and we were not demanding at all. Our server barely did anything besides take our order and bring our food. She checked on us a couple times but really there was no above and beyond or any kind of nuisance from us to warrant an 18% tip.

Now before you think I'm a cheapskate, I'm really not. I usually tip very well, 20% usually (unless they suck, I don't play when it comes to tipping). She most likely would have gotten a larger tip had she not taken the liberty of charging us. That just ticked me off.

Oh but wait, there is more. She brought back my change. "There is your $6." She said. I was floored. She took her 18% tip and then took an extra 64 cents on top of that. She only brought me back bills, no change. I mean, it was kids eat free night. So maybe I'm overreacting a bit.

Maybe I'm looking at this the wrong way... maybe I should be thanking her for saving me money. Yes, that's it. Thanks for not recognizing us as a family and taking what you thought was a fair tip... it saved me the trouble of adding and a couple extra dollars in tip. And I guess I did save $25 on the kids meals... but still. That was just not kosher.


Tiffany said...

I friggin hate that when they don't bring you back ALL your change. If you didn't want it all back then you'd think you would just tell them "oh here bring be xxx back" - stupid people. When they do that it totally effects their tip from me. I always wondered if you get charged that everywhere.

Anonymous said...

As a former long time waitress and bartender I can tell ya, I don't think I have ever used the 'group tipping' unless it was a party of 10 or more. And usually, it would even have to be bigger than that. I used to return money in a larger amount if say the change would be $3.98, then I would give $4 back or if it was $3.03, I would give $3.05- no need for me to worry about a few pennies and I hated dealing with them anyway. She definitely in the wrong and obviously taught wrong or inexperienced.

I would have spoken to a manager about everything, but I'm anal at times....sorry you had to deal with this. BTW, what restaurant was it?