Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Soccer! It's what we do.

Lexi started playing soccer when she was 5. I was pregnant with Adam and she played with an indoor league at the Y by my aunt's house in Toledo. We moved to Savannah and I accidentally signed her and Jacob up to play in the fall league in Richmond Hill. Jacob was 5 when he started as well.

They loved their teams and playing soccer outdoors. I just couldn't take them away from it so I signed them up in the spring as well. This time I put them on the same team so I wasn't making 4 trips down a week, now it would only be twice a week.

This season they are again on the same team. Jacob is so much like the older kids when it comes to soccer, it's kinda scary. I love having them on the same team. At least they get along on the field. I also found a mini league for Kadie and Adam to play in together. It's for 2-4yr olds.

Kadie and Adam started yesterday and Kadie did not want to participate much at all. I think I had her on the field doing what she was supposed to be doing for about 5 minutes. Adam lasted much longer but wasn't much for doing what the coach instructed. He seemed to have a lot of fun though and I will keep taking him back as long as he can handle it.

I was not impressed with the Early Goals coach (for Kadie & Adam) as he was trying to get them to do skill drills that were way too advanced for the majority of the kids there. The kids loved the treasure hunt game they played where they had to kick the ball and pick up the teeshirts and get as many as they could. But the game where they had to try to kick their ball into the ball the coach kicked across the field was way advanced and something my older kids probably couldn't even do.

I also was not impressed with a couple of the parents that were there as well. This one dad came up and took Adam's ball because Adam wasn't paying it any attention at the moment so then when I told Adam to get his ball, it was gone and there were no more around for him to have. This dad was kicking it around showing his daughter how to do the complicated drill this "coach" thought the 2 yr olds could do. Then this mom was hoarding the teeshirts in the treasure hunt game so that her son could get the most. Adam was kicking his ball and I told him "Look, there are some teeshirts." but apparently this soccer mom had already staked claim to them as she snatched them up and thrusted them in her son's hands. That irritated me more than the dad taking my kid's ball. Talk about teaching your son that winning is everything.

All the kids were so adorable... even a friend was there with her son. He was even less interested than Kadie was, but that is all in his age. He just wants to be free. Kadie just turned 4 but she is super shy, so that is her main issue. That's ok, I just won't pay for her to play... save me some moolah.

Here are some pics for your enjoying pleasure...

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Tiffany said...

Yeah that "coach" wasn't really gearing it towards the smaller kids thats for sure. I wasn't really impressed but then again I knew wyatt wouldn't want to do anything besides run anyway. Guess I got my excersize in for the day chasing him LOL.