Sunday, September 21, 2008

From Morning Bliss to Evening Terror

John was outside doing yardwork and I was cleaning in my closet. The kids were in the den watching Barney, or so I thought.

I walked out of my bedroom to find the front door standing open. Not an uncommon occurence in this house. I had the chain on earlier but Jacob needed in and I obviously forgot to relock it. I wanted to make sure all the kids were inside so I went to check the den only to find Jacob and Kadie. I asked where Adam & Sara were and they didn't know (again, not unusual).

I went out front to see if they were out there. I didn't see them but I did see John walking up the driveway so I asked him if Sara and Adam were out there. He said he hadn't seen them but he had been out back. So I thought maybe they were still in the house playing in one of the bedrooms.

I sent Jacob to check the other rooms and I went to check out back. My first thought was that I was going to find them face down in the pond. Thank god I didn't. We still had no idea where they were and my phone was MIA as well.

I went on a frantic search for my phone which John said Adam was supposed to bring to me. Obviously he didn't. I found John's phone instead and as we walked outside I dialed 911. I told the operator our address and that my 1 and 2 yr old were missing. This is when I started to freak out. My whole body was shaking and I started bawling. It didn't become reality until I said it out loud.

The 911 operator was confirming what she had heard when I noticed John. Jacob and Kadie walking down the street in search of the babies. About 6 houses down were two tiny figures waving their arms and all giddy seeing their daddy again. WE FOUND THEM! I told the operator and went sprinting down the street.

As I got to house number 4 there were three bystanders. One asked if I was missing a phone. Adam must have taken it with him. They thought we were looking for the dog. No one seemed to notice the 1 and 2 yr old taking a walk all alone... oh, and crossing the street. My neighbor was driving by as John was walking back towards me with the kids and she too thought we had lost the dog (again). No, not this time.

I was so relieved that they were ok. They could have been kidnapped or hit by a car but thank god they weren't. They were more than excited to see me and they must have thought they had just won a supersized game of hide and go seek.

*I won't even bother to put a disclaimer, but if you must put salt in my wounds feel free. I'm not perfect and I don't claim to be. You can be the pot all you want*


Sandi said...

Oh my. I would have been terrified. Gunny is a 2 year old escape artist and he's given us quite a few terrifying moments as well. Don't worry, Momma! It happens! I'm just glad it turned out well!

Carol Beth said...

OH, Bri, we all do things like that, and so I definitely won't be the pot! I would have been so FREAKED OUT; my chest gets tighter just reading this. So glad they are okay!

Anonymous said...

I would have freaked out, I don't know I would have remembered 'how' to dial 911 or talk to them. You handled yourself so well. On the bright side (if there is one-) at least they were TOGETHER! Everyday something new about Garrett has me on pins and needles. In seconds a child can wander off, so I can understand. My sister (9 yrs younger) did it once at DisneyWorld! and again during a party for HER at Chucky Cheese. I can't believe my mom didn't lose it.

Like I've said before, I give you kuddos over and over again for being able to maintain with 5 children. You're a saint in my eyes!

Becky said...

How scary!! I'm glad everything turned out okay!