Wednesday, October 1, 2008

No Call, No Show

Well, not really... I was there at 10am this morning, but to pick up my pictures. So yes, that means I got the job. But the reason I did not work today was because I WAS NOT INFORMED OF THIS!!! The manager never once called me to let me know that I would be employed starting today.

I just happened to find out when the assistant manager called me about 5 minutes ago to ask me what happened today, as she had me on the schedule. I said, "What schedule?" Thinking she might have meant for a picture appointment, but I knew what she meant. She replies, "For working." I inform her that I was not aware that I actually had a job but that I would be there tomorrow for training.

So, as of tomorrow, I will be a semi-professional photographer. Should be fun (but there goes my weekend social life LoL)


C. Beth said...

Wow, congrats! Hope they are far less flaky in the future! :) Hope it's just as fun as you expect it to be.

Anna said...

Congrats, but that place seems like a mess!

Bri said...

Thanks girls! I hear ya Anna, and I sure hope I have lots of fun and don't want to quit before the holidays are over LoL